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You should make sure to sign up to the newsletter for the announcements. We are expecting to launch late summer/early Sept. with early release to our subscribers.

It is a comprehensive kit with high quality components which includes numerous accessories to meet individual demand for personal preference in a given session. The kit includes several small increment chamber sizes for fine tuning the fit which also allows for discreet ADS wear attached to the leg or waist as well.

In my experience, you can hang in any state of engorgement (not to be confused with erection) so you need to have the appropriate sized chamber to do so from completely flaccid to fully engorged. The Stealth Vac-Hanging system is available in 16 different sized chambers to offer the versatility needed for a practically a custom fit under any circumstance… which is the hallmark of Stealth products in general.

The attention to detail that has gone into this kit makes for a highly satisfying owner experience even in the process of unboxing and physical handling of the components.

Currently we just finished three sets of moulds for making the custom carry cases… see attached pic below. Each size can house 4 different sets of sizes for the standard 12 girths 18-40 ie. 3 cases x 4 sizes each = 12 kits total. These are being shipped to us today and then off to the foam maker for fitting of all 12 foam inserts with components before confirming the production.

Production will take one month and then we put everything together and ship sea cargo which will be about 2 months before we have stock on the shelf ready for launch.

Only users that have purchased Stealth products can participate in the forums.

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