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Stealth Man

Hi Richard,

The second motion graphic animation is finished… very exciting clip! However, we cannot reveal the design features and risk our patent novelty status which is required for the application to be successfully granted. We are just completing the 3 sizes of carry case now and begin the foam insert for final approval before production which will take about one month. Then we have to ship sea cargo which will be another 6 weeks. So it is looking like the launch will be end of summer. Somehow, it always takes longer than anticipated with these more complex projects. We are also working on a graphene heating pad and the new compression hanger which is much simpler task that will be ready to launch before year end. I am also very excited about this after testing the working prototype over the past week. It is a much superior design, more comfortable and easy to use than the existing designs which are all based on the outdated BIB hanger. Then we have also started some initial drawing for the Stealth extender which again is much simpler than the Vac-Hanger with so many components in so many sizes.

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