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Without a lot experience and detailed study I am not what would be considered a PE “expert”.

However, I do have in depth experience using the Innerwear 24/7 for the first 4 or 5 years of development and in doing so have become an authority on sizing, use, and general trouble shooting for the Stealth line of products.

With respect to the Vac-Hanger, my primary interest has been functional in nature. I need only test an existing product once or twice and then spend more time to carefully consider the principals at work in order to understand how the design can be improved. Then as product development takes shape the necessary solutions are inherently revealed by the problems encountered along the way which inevitably leads to new things being discovered.

That being said, I have practiced a dedicated routine on three separate occasions for a period of three months each for a total of 9 months intensive daily/twice daily use.

The insights which led to the new design features, of course, will be part of the kit. The unique methods and principals will also be detailed in the instruction manual and beginner’s routine template.

With the pump, again, I had only conducted a couple of test trials to sufficiently understand where the current designs fell short. However, in this case, there was no need to actively pump to gain more insight as the issues at hand were exclusively mechanical in nature.

Although I have a working prototype I have never engaged in a regular pumping routine. I will not do so until testing the more refined production grade prototype while writing the instruction manual and development of the user template. This is the best sequence for me to properly understand the principals, methods, and techniques required for an effective pumping routine.

Specifically to your question. Once again, I am not a hard core PE practitioner. My interest lies more so in the process of product development. Of course, gains are most welcome but not at the expense of health or aesthetics. In which case, I believe it is far better to coax gains rather than apply brute force to the anatomy.

I quickly learned this lesson when experimenting briefly with heavier weights while testing to find the optimum chamber configuration without the months or years of conditioning required to safely do so.

However, in the 9 months (3 x 3) process of developing the 3 month beginners routine template I have gained a solid 5/8″ erect length and maybe an 1/8″ in girth. Modest gains for sure but for me the focus has been entirely on the individual product development of specific devices rather than optimization of a comprehensive well rounded PE routine that is needed to maximize gains over the shortest period of time.

As Stealth transitions into the leading PE device manufacturing company we will see more “experts” getting involved in the forums for discussion of specific theory and general practice.

However, while advice from others is always a good starting point, over time an effective routine/intensity level will always be shaped into something unique based on your own personal experience, preference, lifestyle and level of dedication to practice and study.

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