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I was hoping to be back at the factory by now to complete the project, however, this is not possible with no sign of the travel restrictions being lifted. So we have just started working on the project remotely. Although not ideal, it seems to be going well enough as all of the major work was completed  mid-December last year and then the pandemic derailed plans just as I was scheduled to return.

We now only need to make the box/foam packaging, print the instruction manual and user template, do the production run on all the injection moulded components with some assembly of other parts such as putting the gauges on the vacuum pump, preparing the remote hanging cord, the ankle, knee, and waist anchor belts, IR heating pad etc.

Sounds like a lot but these are all relatively minor tasks compared to the intensive work that was required to develop the feature set and sizing system with so many prototypes and redesigns to arrive at the final configurations. It will all be super simple once you get the kit in hand without any indication of the hardships that went it.

I wanted to be there for the production run on the vacuum chambers and TPE accessories but it is not so crucial under the circumstances.

thanks for your continued interest and support!

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