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Hey, Guy from Tennessee,

Welcome to Stealth for Men.

Watch who you get your Bathmate (if you do) from.  The main site has three URLs for the “official” site.  They have terrible customer support.  Bathpump dot com is the best site.  I bought mine from the latter.  I confused it and the main site and had a problem I directed to the main site.  It took three emails to get a response from them that told me I didn’t buy it from them (and I could take a flying leap–my thought about it).  I blasted them on the PEGym web site, got an immediate response from their rep and my problem was quickly resolved.  Stealth for Men (I assume it’s Stealthman) has a rep on PEGym for support as well.  Stealthman has been a big help here and there.

Only users that have purchased Stealth products can participate in the forums.

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