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Stealth Man

The Innerwear was designed specifically for the grower who had a potent dislike for the sensations of retraction and the insecurities that came with it.

This positive effect works very well not only on the physical level but also on the psychological.

The Sabre Skin was designed to be worn over the Innerwear for added support and a bit more extension. However, with more extension comes the added potential for slippage as the penis needs a bit of room for some retraction when sitting.

The Sabre Skin can also be worn quite effectively on it own, however, the extension is not held quite as secure as the Innerwear with silicone ring, so you would cut the length a bit shorter to compensate for this, maybe only a 1/4″ less or so.

The disadvantage is that the thermo-plastic elastomer (TPE) does not allow the skin to transpire. Of course, this is the big advantage of the fabric sleeve.

I find the Sabre Skin to be ideal worn on it own, as a double layered sleeve, when swimming for example, as the look and feel are completely natural and shorter duration of application is in order.

It is available in all 12 girths and a standard length of 8″. Depending on your requirement you can get 2 or even 3 sleeves from a single Sabre Skin.

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