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This is the original Mag-Volt which is prone to chipping. We added a silicone ring to eliminate the problem but the adhesive becomes soft with the body hat and allows it to shift out of position which is less than ideal.

For this reason it is not found on the website product page for purchase. We have the new Mag-Volt 2.0 in the works with all the components ready for assembly with a only a few minor details to be worked out before production can begin. However, as I am not able to be at the factory, it is on hold until the travel restrictions lifted.

If you don’t mind the risk of chipping which can occur when the two powerful clasping magnets jump out of the fingers and collide on contact. I never had one chip on me personally as I take care to control the contact in a way that minimizes the impact.

The Mag-Volt 2.0 is superior no doubt but it will also be at least twice the price of the original now at $30 only. If you would like to go ahead and purchase as is you can send an email to support at [email protected] and we will have an invoice made out and sent to you.

Its a pretty nifty little device and I know it works like magic after severe bruising of my ball sack that was deep black and blue two weeks after having a vasectomy. I figured it would not be gone for at least another two weeks. I then decided to put on the Mag-Volt with no expectations of any kind. I was shocked to find that the bruising had diminished by 80% the very next day and was all but gone three days later.

It was a truly amazing demonstration in the healing power of the magnetic field and low voltage electrical current.


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