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If you contact me on the support email I will have your purchase history available to refer to for any further adjustments to that need to be made.

The “dip” at the top of the coronal ridge occurs as the glans begins to slide past the silicone ring… particularly when sitting. We have tried making a contoured silicone ring but encountered problems with the “tab” that is created as it is intuitively used to pull the Innerwear off which can lead to adhesion failures.

The other consideration is the burning sensation that occurs when extension is pushed closer to the erect length. In effect, some room for a more relaxed fit is required or you end up losing the convenience factor which is a priority when extending for longer periods of time…. 24/7.

Remember, the Innerwear is made of fabric and is designed as a passive extender or anti-retraction device. If you are looking for more active stretching up to and beyond erect length you should be looking at the Corkscrew or other stretching device. However, the Innerwear’s level of comfort will be diminished and the ability to urinate lost.

It becomes a question of application and the intensity/duration factors that come into play.

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