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From my email:

Thanks, Stealthman, for the info.  You provided a custom size Innerwear.  I can’t recall the sizes.  How much for a redo?  I’ve worn it 3 (4?) days consecutively.  Urinating is the only “problem” I’m experiencing.   My corona has a “dip”  on the top that allows it to slip into the Innerwear.  I think that is a concern.  My current Innerwear seems to hold the corona well.

Thanks, Christian, for the response.  I use a VED (mid-morning) or a “standard” pump (mid- to late-afternoon) twice a day for about 15-20 minutes, followed by 50-60 jelqs (trying to work up to 100 as long as it stays partially erect).

I stretch daily, usually in the morning before the VED/pump.  Every other day I pump with the VED, use a construction ring, and do a series of kegels designed to help correct ED.

I also have a GainsWave/acoustic wave therapy device that I use every other day or so before bed.

I’m able to fill my VED tube at 8.5″.  I’m happy with my size.  My goal is to stop my turtling and correct my ED.

For what it’s worth…several years ago, I went through PE for just over a year.  I started somewhere around 6.5×5.25.  When I stopped, I was around 8×5.75.  My wife was concerned about discomfort during sex, so I quit.

Thank you, guys, for your help and concern.

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