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This whole corona thing is rapidly developing day to day and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Everyone around the world has pretty much gone into self-isolation. Here in the heart of Vancouver city, at 7:00 pm sharp everyone claps, cheers, hollers, whistles, and bangs pots and pans to support the front line workers and medical staff. It’s quite a surreal experience, on one hand, much like inmates making a ruckus and rattling their bars in prison and on the other, it has a touching uniquely human quality that evokes a strong feeling of community and well wishes for one another.

True, travel right now is not a good idea with the guidelines and procedures many countries are rapidly putting in place which include self-quarantine with monitoring of outsiders entering into China in particular. Curiously, China now has become one of the safer places to be with new infections dwindling to relatively few as compared to the States which is blowing up to almost 125,000 cases and counting.

Hang tight guys and let’s see where things go from here.


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