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Stealth Man,

Thanks for your previous advice. As follow up now that I’ve (finally) gotten back into using the corkscrew with custom sized ES, I had a question:

Wearing the ES normally or with one of the premium sleeves is no problem at all, I notice no slippage at the silicone ring through daily activities. With the corkscrew, though, I am still getting some small slippage of the silicone ring at the coronal ridge. I can continue to tighten the coils at the head to keep it from sliding, but it seems like by the time I’ve found the sweet spot between no slippage and sufficient circulation I’ll notice the silicone ring begins to fold over on itself, like the ring and the fabric just behind it are just a bit wider than the “ring” created by the last few coils of the corkscrew. This has me wondering if I should get a smaller diameter silicone ring on my next order, so that folding of the fabric (which allows for the head to sometimes slip through) is lessened. The size I have now is comfortable, so I don’t want to go down in size and be uncomfortable just for the sake of the corkscrew. What do you think?

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