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No problem, we can do that for you but first I would like to address these issues to see if we can’t resolve them first so that you have the opportunity for a proper evaluation before coming to a conclusion.

To get the strapless version of the Innerwear on most effectively, you can use the following method.  First, put one of the thinner spandex sleeves over the glans and halfway down the shaft. Use the excess length of spandex sleeve hanging off the penis to thread the Innerwear sheath on and then slide it into place at the base of the penis. Remove the spandex sleeve by sliding it out and tuck the excess skin back inside the sheath.

Another very effective method to draw all the foreskin back inside the sheath is to hold the underside of the silicone ring with one hand. Then use the other hand to pull the skin at the base of the shaft near the ball sack to slide the skin back deep inside the sleeve. This will allow you to securely seat the silicone ring behind the glans without having any skin slide back out and get in between the silicone ring and the glans.

For your reference, I have attached a picture of the D24 strapless that I wear which demonstrates the proper set-up which you can clearly see performs flawlessly.

Some guys prefer the Stealth with ball band while others like the strapless version. I like both equally and alternate between the two depending on my mood or just to change things up for a different look and feel.

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