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sorry for the late response Jhark,  I somehow overlooked this post!

Its good to hear you experimenting to find what works best for you. It’s amazing how much nuance there can be the optimization process.

I remember the early days of wearing my Stealth and the novelty of getting so much attention. I recall going to a local foot massage place here in China. I would lay back in the recliner to enjoy the woman’s handy work. There was a certain level of arousal involved too so it was not something that was going unnoticed. Another customer was on his way out and he was clearly none too happy the situation as he just glared at me. Oh well, such is life.

The little V kink in the highest point of the coronal ridge and therefore must shoulder the first line of resistance to the forces of flaccid extension. The best remedy would be to shorten the length for a more relaxed fit. You can do this by making larger tucks in the folds of the baseband to draw more of the sheath back inside to minimize the length.

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