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Hello BK,

There can be a conditioning period of about a month or so in which the sensitive skin of the anatomy adjusts to wearing the Innerwear all day. During this time you should take rest for a few hours or overnight whenever you notice any irritation beginning to occur. The sooner you rest the sooner you can resume wearing again. However, as described in your case, I suspect that there may be an issue with the fit being too tight. There can also be a problem with “rug burn” around the underside of the frenulum when the excess skin is not retracted back inside the sheath. It is important that the silicone ring is seated directly behind the coronal ridge of the glans. Otherwise, what happens is that the sensitive skin gets pinched between the silicone ring and the glans when everything gets compressed by the underwear and pants. When you walk the movement causes friction and the subsequent rug burn you describe in this area. I know this very well as I needed to figure out why it was occurring for me early during the development period of the product.

Regarding the ball band. I think most guys do not use the snap buttons however some do and they are there if needed. The difference can be whether the balls tend to ride high and slip out of the band or the anatomy is such that the transition from ballsack to the body is very thick without the classic bell shape contour. In some cases, the snap buttons are preferred and others opt for the sheath only strapless version of Stealth. We will soon be making this available as a regular item for purchase on the product page but for now, it is a custom order that is available on request.

Strapless Stealth

Strapless sheath only Stealth Innerwear

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