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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>So im not sure if its just me or not, but here are a few things im having trouble with, maybe you guys can help me with.</p>
    I have worn my stealth with and without the sleeve, yet the glands area gets sore like rugburn. I dont know what to do to stop this aside from not wearing it. I can only wear it once or twice a week due to soreness, please help.

    Second, i have to use the buttons to tighten the loop to keep my sack from popping through the loop, is this common?

    Also, is this safe to wear all day? Or just 8 hours?




    Stealth Man

    Hello BK,

    There can be a conditioning period of about a month or so in which the sensitive skin of the anatomy adjusts to wearing the Innerwear all day. During this time you should take rest for a few hours or overnight whenever you notice any irritation beginning to occur. The sooner you rest the sooner you can resume wearing again. However, as described in your case, I suspect that there may be an issue with the fit being too tight. There can also be a problem with “rug burn” around the underside of the frenulum when the excess skin is not retracted back inside the sheath. It is important that the silicone ring is seated directly behind the coronal ridge of the glans. Otherwise, what happens is that the sensitive skin gets pinched between the silicone ring and the glans when everything gets compressed by the underwear and pants. When you walk the movement causes friction and the subsequent rug burn you describe in this area. I know this very well as I needed to figure out why it was occurring for me early during the development period of the product.

    Regarding the ball band. I think most guys do not use the snap buttons however some do and they are there if needed. The difference can be whether the balls tend to ride high and slip out of the band or the anatomy is such that the transition from ballsack to the body is very thick without the classic bell shape contour. In some cases, the snap buttons are preferred and others opt for the sheath only strapless version of Stealth. We will soon be making this available as a regular item for purchase on the product page but for now, it is a custom order that is available on request.

    Strapless Stealth

    Strapless sheath only Stealth Innerwear



    <p style=”text-align: left;”>thank you. Ill try the repositioning. Is the sabre skin similar to the strapless innerwear?</p>


    Stealth Man

    Yes, the Sabre Skin is basically the configuration but made of a different material. The rubber Sabre Skin is designed to be worn over the fabric underlay to wick away moisture however the Sabre Skin can be worn directly over the penis shaft as well. This is something you can experiment with to see what you prefer.



    The Sabre Skin works really well in lieu of the Stealth, for those days when you want the extra stretch, but without being quite as obvious. (going commando in biking shorts, for example.) It’s also reasonably easy to put on and take off with practice. I’ve noticed that it’s easier to do with either a full erection, or a semi, which makes it easier to use both hands to place the Skin with less error. I’ll also use a silicone ring just behind the glans to help keep the Skin pressed into place firmly.


    Hey Stealth Man, do you guys make a tapered version of the Sabre Skin? I know it’s less easy to customize than the inner wear, but I wanted to ask, just to be sure one way or the other.

    Happy Stealthing ๐Ÿ™‚


    Stealth Man

    That’s not really possible UD. The mold costs are way too high and the requests for custom tapers too varied to be feasible. A possible workaround would be to have two different sized Sabre Skins for the different girths at the base and another for behind the glans.



    I kinda figured, but I wanted to ask, so as to know for sure one way or the other.

    Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚



    I think I’ll do a video on how to put on the Sabre Skin, as I think it might help people to figure it out. Might be a few days, but I’ll drop a link when it’s ready. I’ll probably do one for the Mag-volt, after I get mine, and figure it out completely.

    Have fun all ๐Ÿ™‚


    Stealth Man

    Hey, that sounds great UD… let’s see what you come up with!



    UmbralDragon and Stealthman…..your ideas and contributions are terrific! Thanks!

    I’ll test-drive the two different SabreSkin diameters to enhance in a combination.



    I received my Stealth yesterday and today was the first time trying it out.

    I had a couple issues getting it on.  First it was really tight due to I was semi hard.  Next is, my left testicle sometimes retracts out of the scrotum into my body so keeping the stealth around my scrotum is an issue.  I tried using the snap but found that to be to tight.

    Once I got the stealth on, everything was fine.  I went to work wearing it.  About 4 hours at work I felt something fall down my pants leg…yep you guessed it, it was my stealth.  I went to the bathroom and found that my penis had turtled and pulled out of the stealth.

    I couldn’t imagine getting a smaller size  as this one was difficult enough getting on.

    But if I have to I will try a smaller one.

    I would appreciate any assistance anyone can give me.

    I like the product and I am not giving up.



    Stealth Man

    Hi Kosachuk,

    I appreciate your determination.

    The penis is the most dynamic appendage on the human body so there can be a learning curve involved to master the process of putting the Innerwear on to wear, and the sizing, as well as the model of Innerwear, may need adjustments. However, we will have no issue sorting thru all this with your positive attitude.

    You can try an alternative method to put the Innerwear on. First, put the thin spandex sleeve over the glans and halfway down the shaft. Use the excess length of spandex sleeve hanging off the penis to thread the Innerwear sheath on and then slide it into place at the base of the penis. Remove the spandex sleeve by sliding it out and tuck the excess skin back inside the sheath.

    I am not sure what size you are wearing but each size down in girth, for example, 28,26,24 is 1/4″ tighter in circumference. For length, each size up or down from A-C is 1cm longer or shorter and for D-J is 1.5cm longer or shorter.

    You can also do the pinch test to get the right fit and note the excess amount of silicone that you need to be removed. The following pic indicates that it is two sizes too large.

    If you prefer, we have the Strapless version of Stealth without the ball band.

    If you have a tapered shaft that is thicker at the base and midshaft we can make you a custom tapered sheath.

    We can make a Strapless Sleeve with or without a custom taper or a simple resize for $15 which includes the cost of shipping.

    Let me know what you would like to do.



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