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Stealth MagVolt to the Rescue!!!

The Saturday morning of chores started normally with shower, shave, donning Stealth and clothes. The priority of the morning was a car repair before volunteering to plant 230 trees for a nearby park.

The car needed a replacement part installed. The switch mechanism that runs the headlights and fog lights had begun to fail and turn on the fog lights when the car was shutoff. Hmmmm.

The part was ordered and arrived. The torque screwdrivers were readied and I dutifully watched the YouTube (the university of the known universe) for exact procedures.

All parts came apart perfectly and the re-assembly began after reconnecting the electrical couplings. When inserting a screw to tighten down the part, I fumbled and the screw slipped down…down…down into the cavernous cowling that houses the steering column and rearward of the steering wheel.

Exasperated at not being able to see the essential screw and not having an extra, I sat still and wondered how to disassemble the entire system to even see where the screw had lodged or perhaps rested. I pondered over what tools I might have to make the task easier and realized the screw was steel …. and the brilliant solution arose 🙂

In moments I unbuckled my belt, and slid my trousers and underwear down in order to fetch my MagVolt. In a very public parking lot where movers and residents wandered by regularly I am fortunate to not have been arrested for momentary “flashing nudity” to my neighbors 🙂

With MagVolt in hand and easing its length into the  cowling, nothing clicked to its powerful magnetic field. Using its end magnet to glide along the plastic shroud that hid the screw I hoped to attract the screw. Drawing the MagVolt along the plastic-like covering behind and below the steering wheel my eyes spied the screw appear from the darkness, obedient to the laws of magnetism, and arising to my grasp.

StealthMan can now add automotive repair to the many benefits of the MagVolt and having one handy and carried on the Handyman 🙂

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