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Stealth Man

Thanks for the feedback.

The Sabre Skinâ„¢ is food grade and safe for internal use ie. sex toys. Contact with the skin will pose no danger or risk whatsoever. You can wash with warm water and mild soap. Air or towel dry.

The Sabre-Skinâ„¢ will conform to the shape that it is stretched over. In which case, you should be consistent with the placement to maintain the shape and curve that it takes on.

I have worn the Innerwear to chlorinated pools and hot extensively with no problems. However, I used the same Innerwear exclusively for the pool and reserved a second Innerwear for regular use only.

I have not tested the Sabre Skinâ„¢ in chlorine but I highly doubt there would be an issue with the TPE as it is a very stable material.

For swimming, I recommend wearing an unstretched Skin directly over the shaft of the penis with a second Skin on top which will stretch out to size. Although you will not have the same degree of extension with this double layer it does, however, make for the most realistic looking and feeling flaccid possible under a wet tight-fitting swimsuit.

Water-based lubricants are fine but silicone or oil based should be avoided just to be safe.

Ideally, you should use the plastic bubble pack the Sabre Skin came in (or equivalent) as a tray for storage.





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