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Hi Teckon,

The Corkscrew arrives with completely malleable girth so the diameter around our penis shafts is completely adjustable.

The Corkscrew arrives extra long so the extra coils that can be trimmed off so the Corkscrew can be slid over the entire penis (when wearing the Stealth Innerwear, the Corkscrew surrounds the entire penis shaft) with the Corkscrew base pressed against your pubic bone and the top of the scrotum.

The two to three coils of the Corkscrew at the distant end are pressed/squeezed into tighter coils that are narrow enough to hold behind the head of our penises (when foreskin, if you have any, is gently retracted) so the entire Corkscrew can be stretched longer and even curved downward by stretching the adjustable coils.

The base of the Corkscrew pressed against your pubic bone  — and the distant end of the Corkscrew snugly anchored against the head of our penises creates a tension that holds our penises in a position that can be gently stretched (not to over do this) and even curved downward if you want to wear the Corkscrew under clothing and not have you penis projecting like a rocket in a forward trajectory.

NOTE: The Corkscrew’s original length is designed to be extra long when it arrives. Put on the Stealth Innerwear and then place the Corkscrew base against your pubic bone and surrounding your penis, If the head of your penis is not exposed out the distant end of the Corkscrew, then trim off 1/2 or more of the base coils with a pliers or wire/cable clipper.

Cover the cut end with the pliable end-cover provided with the Corkscrew.

With the cut metal end properly covered, test again to see if the trimmed away coil created a Corkscrew length where your penis head can be secured  by the last two to three coils made narrower by your pressure adjusting the diameter to snugly fit behind the groove behind the penis head (the sulcus).

When my Corkscrew arrived, I cut away small increments of the coil so as to arrive at the proper length.

Only users that have purchased Stealth products can participate in the forums.

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