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I’ve gotten a few sizes already that are not those.  I don’t think it’s sold by the length? Or did it change?


I bought it by emailing him a few weeks ago and got it added to a resize order, and it was only 1 length and your girth.  I got a 26 which made my head turn blue and a 30 which seems to be good so far.  Both were 8 inches I think, with instructions to cut to desired length.


if you do it right you can turn it into 2 items, one that is compression for your penis, the remainder can be used as a cock ring on top of the other or without the other.

just be warned that, at least for me, it does not play well with long pubic hair.  I wear a separatic underwear and have learned how to put it on right so it’s not a problem, but those first few days of learning were rough lol.

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