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Stealth Man

Thank-you for the kind words Stephen… I find it helpful knowing that members here appreciate the time and effort being invested to bring new products to market.

With respect to the metals used to make the Mag-Volts.

Silver is a nobler metal (cathodic) and is rated higher on the Galvanic corrosion chart as it is more stable and less likely to corrode. Whereas zinc being the active or less noble metal (anodic) corrodes by giving up electrons which pass across the salt bridge created by sweat to complete the circuit. Copper being noble than Silver with a corresponding lower rating on the corrosion chart should, in theory, generate a lower voltage. However, in testing, they both had the same reading at around .75 volts, more or less, depending on the fluctuations on the voltmeter reading. The highest reading I was able to measure was .9 volts.

If you are interested you can read more on the topic here…

and here…

As to the trivia you mention…

Yes, the Mag-volt I wear fits my wrist exactly right!


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