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Stealth Man

Interesting point that you bring up. I will keep this in mind when coming close to metal objects.

Sounds like a great test of your ability to maintain composure during a highly distracted state. Well done!

The magnets are very powerful as can be noted when connecting and disconnecting the two smaller clasping magnets.

The early prototypes that I tested were zinc and copper plated magnets. In this case, all four beads were magnetic. I was sitting at a restaurant table eating with a few others when I felt a sudden pinch with intense burning pain. I figured the silicone tube next to the metal bead was pinching the ball sack and excused myself to go to the men’s room to investigate. The side and bottom magnets had attracted one another thru the ballsack and snapped together causing great pain. I knew then that this was not the way to go and to separate the magnets with solid zinc beads on either side.

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