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A funny thing happened in my Mag-Volt-wearing day,

Mid-presentation of the John Maxwell’s six leadership principles with managers we have a segment of the seminar where I carry around to each participant a deck of cards that are used to clarify what are their most important human values.

I reached for the steel mesh basket in which the decks are stored and began walking around the massive mahogany conference table when a distinct “clink” of magnet to metal caught my ears and latched onto the mesh basket with my crotch securely bonded to the steel.

Perhaps no one else noticed…perhaps. Yet, in the ensuing moments while verbally enumerating the steps of their exercise clarifying their most important values, I was trying my best to discreetly unfasten my business suit trousers from a steel mesh basket.

Over the weekend, one of my home chores was to checks fluids in the car, a 1984 Mercedes diesel sedan. Since I’m rather short compared to you fellows, the fluid checks and refills required leaning over the large engine. You can guess….the steel car glommed onto my crotch like Gorilla glue with a resounding “CLICK!” through my Levis.

My Mag-Volt has me highly charged and keenly attentive to what surfaces are near my encircled penis.

Can you imagine what will happen when my 95 cubic inch steel scuba tank needs hauling down a ravine to the river? Scuba tanks are nothing more than giant bells. They ring loudly and clearly as many church bells cast from bronze.

Fun adventures are ahead.

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