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The length is measured after donning the Extension Sheath or regular Stealth Innerwear Sheath.
The length to cut the SabreSkin can be readily assessed by holding the SabreSkin with its styrofoam insert alongside your penis when already inside the Sheath. Using a scissors, you cut the length just barely shorter than the length from the Sheath’s silicone ring to the base of the Sheath.

I cut across the SabreSkin and through the styrofoam shaft that is inside the SabreSkin. That way, the two parts of what was a long SabreSkin will each have an inner shaft of the styrofoam to keep the pliable SabreSkin  in a cylindrical shape and not stored flat where the SabreSkin walls could stick together.
The MagVolt fits perfectly like a pliable cockring and is emitting its magnetic and voltaic benefit for cellular growth.

I’ll keep you posted on progress. The products are very well made and appealing in a technological and pristine way.

If you find other clever ways to enjoy these fine products, please alert me.


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