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The new products arrived and I am the proverbial kid inundated by candy!

The Extension Sheath fits flawlessly!
I’ll read and watch the video before cutting the Sabre Skin to length similar to the Extension Sheath.

WOW! The MagVolt is amazing. The look is very interesting, techy and bulge-making. The feel wearing it all night is terrific!
I might need to enlarge the MagVolt ever so slightly as one of the wee silicone o-rings was not strong enough to hold the tubing to the nylon-nipple.

The MagVolt wears VERY well with both the regular InnerWear Sheath and ring-base in addition to the use with the Extension Sheath (no ring-base serving as an integrated cockring.

These sure are amazing, new products!!!! Your team is so very helpful and gifted with perfect advice.

More later …. after trimming the Sabre Skin

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