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Stealth Man

>>In regards to the Sabre Skin product, in the picture you posted a page ago it looks that is the Sabre Skin on top of the Extension Sleeve rather than Innerwear.<<

The Sabre Skin is designed to be worn over the sheath section of either the Stealth Regular with ball band or the sheath only version aptly named the Extension Sheath or ES.

>>Will the Saber Skin be a package deal (Extension Sleeve + Sabre Skin) or will it only be the Sabre Skin?<<

The Sabre Skin is an individual purchase that sold by the girth in a standard 8″ length.

shoot me a message over at the support email [email protected] for ordering the pre-launch Sabre Skin and/or Mag-Volt at a 20% discount on the regular price.

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