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The production Sabre Skins have started coming in so we have the 24 and 26 now with the rest being delivered in the next few days. Sizing is 2mm more or less diameter between each size. The equivalent girth Innerwear with a layer of spandex or not to modulate the firmness should be adequate. However, we have had requests for a size up and also size down when fine tuning the fit so it really depends on the individual and what works best for them. You can only really know your preference with some experimentation. Having said that the equivalent size for girth will be spot on in 90% of the cases.

The couple more of the Vac Hanger seals were delivered today and the specs checked out perfectly so we are now scaling with confidence the balance of 13 seals for a total of 16 different sizes. Again the Vac-Hanger will be available in glans bell housings with 2mm size increments between up or down for precision control over the fittings. To clarify, the standard 12 girth will come with 2 smaller and 2 larger sized glans bell housing for each kit. This gives complete control over the type of hanging you want to do. For example, with all day extension you can use the smallest sized bell housing in the completely flaccid state for minimal bulk beneath regular clothing. The largest size would allow for maximum glans size with some extra room to grow as progress is made.

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