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Oh, a quick update. riding with the stretcher on was interesting, although I don’t recommend it if you’re also wearing a base cock ring (the kind that goes around the scrotum and penis), as it can get pinchy pretty easily. But, without the base ring, it works alright, and doesn’t pinch as much. But keep in mind that the stretcher I wear is very low profile, as compared to some that are out there, so I suggest caution.

I also suggest not wearing a glans ring, for the same reason, especially if you’re not wearing the kind of underwear that can keep the glans away from the stretcher, penis skin hates being pinched between two pieces of solid steel.

Luckily, I’m a very careful person, and use one of the the premium skins to act as an anti-pinch barrier, so that works out really well.

If anyone’s curious I’ll drop a picture of the layout that I’ve used most successfully.


Happy Stealthing 🙂

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