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Hey fellas,

I’m brand new to the Stealth world and am stoked to know there’s a place like this to toss questions around and get help and support.

There are times when I’ll be walking around naked and notice my hang and think, “Damn, son! You look good!” Unfortunately, more often than not my dick is in travel-sized mode, expanding only when necessary. Granted, I live in a generally colder climate than most (Montana), but still, I’d love to have my dick relaxing more and hanging more fully, especially around locker rooms, etc. When I stumbled across the Stealth, I was excited to see that one of the benefits to watch for is the “retraining” of my dick. I’ll definitely be watching.

I just received my replacement Stealth tonight and have been wearing it all evening. I started off by overlooking the measuring details given on the site, instead giving girth measurements from around the base of my non-stretched dick and somehow being overly optimistic with length. The result was a nice, thick dick…and a sleeve with a silicone ring that was far too big to hold me in there. Tonight’s version may actually be a push in the opposite direction, but maybe it’ll stretch out as the days pass.

For now, I’m gonna leave it there. It’s past 2am and I’m gonna see how well I can handle the Innerwear while sleeping.

I’d appreciate hearing back from any of you. Thanks for your help, guys!, 35yo

Bozeman, MT

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