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Christian Taylor

Hi there. I agree with Stealthman and azmike about the importance of proper sizing. I bought my last stealth a little narrow because I was afraid I was lying to myself. Definitely order the right size next time! Lol.

I wanted to ask for any tips on turtling. Lately I slink  as much as a third back into my stealth and yeah I hate turtling. I ordered the correct length. I use medically sound supplements, I get testosterone injections from my doctor and use active PE. Great results by the way. 2 inches plus! But… my head and coronal flare are growing more slowly. Any tips with plumping up my favorite head and reducing / eliminating the dreaded turtle are greatly appreciated. I don’t live in a cold environment  (I serve overseas in Cambodia). I use my smaller retainer band behind my glans when turtling happens. So please help a guy and his doing out.


Thanks a bundle,


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