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    Curious if anyone here has hung before or would consider it?

    I’m hoping to start trying next week!


    Stealth Man

    good question!

    We can share our experiences here.

    My initial reason for hanging was to gain an understanding of the optimum vacuum chamber configuration for effectively handling the most amount of weight. I was testing up to 35 lbs for brief moments until the inevitable injury occurred… thrombosis of the vein just behind the glans. Scary to look at and left to wonder if it was permanent. Upside, I instantly gained 1/2″ in flaccid girth behind the glans :), which took a couple of months of rest to recover :(. That was about 18 months ago.

    Fast forward. I have been on a formal and dedicated routine for the past 2.75 months. I am currently hanging 10 lbs for 40 minutes twice daily. I have had a couple of minor set-backs due to improper wrapping technique in the beginning and more recently an over-ambitious jump to 12 lbs which required a few days rest and resetting to 9 lbs for 1x daily sessions of shorter duration for a week or so to re-stabilize.

    I have gained 1/4″ erect length with an often very significant increase in the flaccid hang.

    Be consistent with your routine. Keep a detailed log book as it will help keep you motivated and become a valuable information resource.

    I like to hang every day and rest only when required which seems to average out to 4 times a month. I consider the need for a rest day a set-back and optimize the weight/duration/frequency accordingly.

    Start with less weight and focus on your set-up technique and the nature of the sensations that occur while hanging.

    Keep a close eye on the tip of the glans where a red “Hickie” can form due to excessive vacuum that occurs with the application of traction.




    I recently started vac hanging and vac extending and the three biggest problems I have so far are:

    a) keeping all the many components organized and discreet;

    b) keeping the silicone sleeves whole with plenty of spares… gotten at a good price;

    c) dealing with any glans tape, especially removing it and any residue – using a micropore tape currently.

    Other than that I love it.  The stretch is so much better than anything I could ever achieve with manual exercises – and the best part is that I can do something else at the same time!

    A guy on one of the forums I go to has a guide using a $1 pulley to articulate the weight -allowing you to sit.  The pulley can be attached to a door hinge, the back of a chair, under a desk, anywhere near where you will hang – allowing the weight to still be suspended without having to stand for the duration.

    With manuals it takes your full attention and time.  With hanging like this, I can put on the vac hanger, set it up with weight, and then surf the net or read a book etc.

    I love multitasking lol


    Stealth Man

    I keep all my things in a box by the desk. Hang twice a day for 45 minutes. No issue keeping everything handy. No problem with the original sleeve and vac-seal. After testing 3 waterproof foam tapes have found one that doesn’t leave a residue. The “nex-care” I tried was nice and stretchable with a well-formed fit but I could not scrape the darn residue off. This tape is a bit harder but sticks perfectly so as to remain firmly in place and yet remove easily without causing pain or leaving a residue.




    Were can I get the stuff to start hanging


    Stealth Man

    Currently, I am at the factory working hard to organize to Vac-Hanger kit. This project is really massive and is taking more time than I ever imagined. We are nearing completion with so many things happening all at once now. I am not putting a launch date on it but the kit should be completed in the next month. However, there will patent strategy needs to be sorted out yet with shipping times before inventory is available on the shelf.



    In the recent responses, your stories of vac-hanging experiences remind me of how grateful I am to those in the front lines of your research and development. Thank you to the Stealth for Men Team!!!!


    Stealth Man

    Thanks for the support, Stephen… I appreciate it.

    Its been a long haul and honestly its been hard to keep everything under wraps for so long.

    When all is done… you will not be disappointed.



    You and your team have never disappointed me.
    Since being introduced to your product line I have a penis growing three sizes in length and four sizes in girth (modest, but meaningful) with less retraction into the foreskin, shaft, and body (“turtling”). You and Bruce G and Anamika G each offered the kindest advice, encouragement and insights.

    The Innerwear. Sleeves, Platinum Sleeves, Corkscrew, Sabre Skin and MagVolts have all been delightful experiences and sensations I would not have imagined or invented myself. Thank you!!! Though I mis-measured my penis at first, your careful and patient help got me to the correct fit and pleasures that come along with Stealth for Men.

    Though totally new to the idea of Vac-Hanging, I will likely give it a try, simply because of the trust I have of you and your team, as well as the regard I hold for what our forum members have expressed with great wit and important intimacy.

    This forum does inspire me with creative “wearing ideas” presented by you and our members. When you started the topic thread about funny things that happen to us when wearing Stealth for Men, I enjoyed the tales our fellows and their sweethearts described.

    As I am aging toward retirement after a very fortunate life of athletic health and inner wellness, I suspect some changes will inevitably occur that alter my sensual and sexual experiences. Sharing in this with you all has been an interesting and positive process.

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