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    I just want to say, ‘The Bulge” changes you.

    Suddenly my flaccid is larger than most guys erect and I’m trying not to ‘print’ because it’s unseemly.  The goal is to just have a normal bulge; something protruding, because I can’t prevent that lol…  but not ‘obscene.  A print is when your penis shape is visible in your pants.  I think it looks bad and is immodest and makes me uncomfortable to wear, but to each their own, many different bulges exist.

    Suddenly everyone sees you differently.  Other guys with bulges can’t wait to make a joke about it that you both end up sharing.*  Other guys will look and scowl.  Others pretend to never notice but you catch them stealing glances, usually other confident guys.

    You end up looking into people’s eyes when you talk to them, just to see if they glance down at your bulge.  This makes you appear and eventually become more confident.  That eye contact and knowing that they are resisting checking it out, and many women even will while talking.  If you work with them regularly they eventually learn to not stare like a deer lost in the headlights, but you get that too from women and guys who are into that kinda thing.

    You really just start to become more confident in any way.  It really is fascinating because I would have never expected it.  There are other guys, that I mentioned above, you are confident without a bulge.  For those of us who aren’t, it is amazing how far this one got me.  If you had told me beforehand I would have called you a liar and just moved along lol.

    It took me a LONG time to get the right fit because of how long shipping takes and one of mine the US postal service lost and then delivered clutch the day before Christmas.   Even then it took a lot of trial and error with what I had ordered.

    But now I love it.  I love the feel of it, I love the extra, light, tension in my pants.  I love that my dick now lightly grazes stuff as I moved past just because its available in protruding and touches it when in the past I wouldn’t.  My crotch is the same height as the average counter-top and it is different being in the kitchen, bulge grazing the side of the counter any time I get close or reach to get something.  Such a small routine interaction like getting a glass is now different.  Life is suddenly different.


    *I would say 3 shared with me just today, and I don’t usually make jokes…  luckily I work as a manager in an office with many other people, so there are lots of people to share jokes with and its interesting how they respect you differently.  I also feel like I have to be responsible with it because I’m married and not interested.


    Stealth Man

    Stealth was conceived and developed as an anti-retraction device to eliminate the uncomfortable sensations that seemed to come along with it. Naturally, with the penis secured in the extended state along with the additional girth, bulge enhancement was a new experience for a grower such as myself.

    I too was fascinated with my new found confidence and the attention it garnered from both male and female observers which seems to be everywhere all the time for the first few years. It had an immense psychological impact on me which dissolved some major complexes I had developed trying to overcome my discomfort with retraction.

    After almost a decade it is not something that draws much of my attention anymore, and this seemingly has diminished others attention and reactions in the same proportion as well.

    No doubt it has been a curious process looking back to see all the changes that have happened and to think how different it would have been if I had access to such a device in my formative years.




    The bulge change has been interesting. Yes I have more confidence. I do have to be careful with wardrobe especially on events that I attend. I am amazed also that I catch lookers. I have worn for a year now and wonder what to expect 2 or 3 years from now. As far as growth and staying healthy.


    Christian Taylor

    It’s so true, isn’t it? Great for confidence.  Great for health. And it is a blast when you catch people looking.



    These are great stories, you guys!

    Thank you for sharing your experiences.




    My favorite place to watch for wandering eyes is at the gym. (I haven’t been able to wear my stealth because it was turning my glans purple, but I kind of made my own using the spandex sleeves and a metal ring that perfectly sits behind my glans ridge.) Especially with a light colored pair of basketball style shorts on. It doesn’t get an indecent or crude outline, but it’s clear that something is swinging around. I get a kick out of catching a housewife on a treadmill looking at it by way of 2 or 3 mirrors from across the room.


    It definitely gives a huge ego and confidence boost, albeit undeserved…



    ”It definitely gives a huge ego and confidence boost, <b>albeit undeserved</b>…”

    Albeit undeserved?  Not at all.  It may help with girth a bit but the length is all you.  This doesn’t make us any longer than we’re capable.  It just removes the “shrinkage” issue.

    I love wearing mine!  I have purchased some David Archy dual-pouch underwear and it is so confidence boosting to step in front of the mirror now.  The only challenge now is when I stand up while wearing slacks, I need to do a subtle “dick check” to make sure it isn’t protruding too visibly.


    Stealth Man


    The new strapless sleeve only version of the Innerwear makes for a more natural hang. The ball band provides more lift which can be more or less obvious depending on the type of underwear pant combinations worn over top.


    Stealth Man


    If you need to refine the fit we can send you the size of your choice for $15 which includes the cost of shipping. For your reference, each size up in girth 22-24-26 etc is 1/4″ larger in circumference.



    I’d like that, thank you. Can you direct me to an email address or number to call?


    Stealth Man

    that would be [email protected]

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