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    Hi Stealthers,

    I wanted to give my 1st impressions of the Stealth innerwear and corkscrew.

    Dateline: 1/19/2019

    My Stealth came in!

    The shipping notice stated that it was supposed to arrive on Friday at 8 pm EST and did not. I admit…I was heated about this. I said some choice words in my heart and later asked the Lord to forgive me. He was teaching me patience. I set the alerts from the USPS site to go to my phone and email.

    This morning, I went about my daily business and I received a text that the package was out for delivery. I was like a kid waiting for a present. I thanked the Lord and asked for forgiveness again for what I said last night. I started to clean the bathroom and listening to Audible when I got another text…Package has been delivered!

    I went to the mailbox and picked it up. IT WAS HEAVY! The coil inside is beefy!

    As soon as my wife and daughter went to do shopping and I went to work on putting it on.

    I had a bit of trouble putting on the innerwear yet after wrestling with it, I got it through.

    I grabbed the corkscrew and wrestled with that for a good while (maybe 15 to 20 minutes). I was sweating so I had to take off my shirt! This was intense getting this thing to fit! LOL

    Finally, I got it on…wow…wow…wow…It’s like wearing a permanent penis weight. It’s so hefty and thick. I love it! I do see that I will need to be careful in public with this bad boy because I went to the bathroom to see if there is a bulge and it can be seen if I am aroused. Now I know what others who are well-endowed feel like. Soon this will be me.

    Since I’m wearing the Stealth, I do not need to do JAI stretches while going to the bathroom plus the corkscrew serves as weight so during my kegels today, I did weighted kegels…bonus points!

    I did place my Manhood over my glans because the glans is uber sensitive now (which is a great thing).

    Man, the sky is the limit with Stealth…I am curious to see the measurements after wearing it for a few months. Stay tuned.



    P.S. I definitely will not be doing any full-on cardio because the corkscrew may come off! LOL!


    Stealth Man

    Great Feedback Ujjayi!

    Take your time experimenting with the set-up as you move thru the learning curve. Soon you will have it dialed in and set up will become a breeze.

    I agree the feeling of weight and heft is pretty amazing.

    The weighted kegel is a great idea!

    If you want to protect the exposed glans from friction you can wear one of the spandex sleeves left covering the glans as an artificial foreskin.

    Use care when wearing the Corkscrew during physical activity.

    All the best!



    Thank you very much, SM!  I appreciate your comments.  I look forward to bringing more updates! 🙂




    By God’s grace, I woke up today…Thank you, Lord.

    He woke me up at 5:30 am (30 minutes before my regular 6 am alarm)…I had pain and soreness from the Stealth wear so I got up in the frigid apartment and went to the bathroom first. I had to urinate and here is Lesson #1 that I learned with the Stealth innerwear…

    Lesson #1: Do NOT pee standing up with the Stealth on

    I sprayed my left PJ leg…I sprayed the toilet seat and the floor. After I cleaned up, I learned that from now on I will squat on the seat to pee. No need to mark my territory everywhere like an animal. LOL

    After that debacle, I adjusted the inner wear and the pain went away. The issue was that the glans was being choked. I adjusted it and volvia…the pain disappeared.

    I took off the inner wear at work (remember I work from home) and I used my Cara Moist Heating Pad (160 F) for 30 minutes. It was SO refreshing especially since I was sore.

    After 30 minutes, I did JAI stretches (20 seconds all directions), bundled stretches (10-sec x 3 sets) then placed the inner wear back on along with the corkscrew. I will keep the corkscrew on for 8 hours then remove after work because if I go out tonight, I do not want to frighten people off!


    Stealth Man


    You are in the midst of the learning curve.

    The only time I have had any problem wearing Stealth to sleep was from the constriction of early morning erections caused during testing of new designs or combinations of sleeves, Retainer bands, Sabre Skins, etc. that were too tight.

    Urination is possible when standing up. The fit should be dialed in properly otherwise if the urethra is stretched or compressed too thin. This will result in a burning sensation which causes the body to stop the flow of urine.

    I have experienced the sideways stream on occasion as well, but this has not been a regular problem for me.

    If I am wearing the spandex sleeves or Sabre Skin, I generally remove them to ensure complete elimination of urine. If you rush the completion, you will be likely to experience leakage or even a spurt of urine with a sneeze later on. When this happens, it is very uncomfortable and potentially embarrassing. The trick is to take time to relax and eliminate with 2-3 extra contractions of the PC muscle than usual.

    Make sure you take a break for a few hours or overnight if you experience any pain or irritation wearing Stealth. The sooner you rest, the sooner you can resume wearing again.








    Thank you for the suggestions, SM!

    I did not wear the Stealth during sleep this time.  I had Stealth withdrawals (LOL) yet this won’t hurt my gains.  Thank you for sharing your tips.  I appreciate you!




    By God’s grace He woke me up…and now I present…

    <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>Shenanigans with the Stealth Innerwear & Corkscrew</span>

    Welp…I thought I would take my Stealth innerwear & corkscrew out in the wild. I went to church with it on.

    Oh boyee…

    I put the corkscrew on too tight to where I had to adjust it to where I had to place my penis outside of my boxers to prevent the pain. I know you may be wondering…why didn’t you adjust it? I did many times at church and before I did that, I went to hug a lady in church and the corkscrew popped off!

    I felt it and recovered it by holding it in my left hand then walking to the bathroom with my hand in my pocket with the other hand swinging like I was doing a pimp walk.

    I tried adjusting and adjusting…finally the pain got too much so I tapped out and went to just the innerwear except even it was being finicky. Sigh.

    I finally tapped out and took it off when we were at home for the evening.

    I think I will either wear the corkscrew if I am at home or at a place where I don’t have to sit for a long time like church and just wear the innerwear.


    Stealth Man

    For this reason, I wear my Corkscrew in the privacy of my own home or maybe out for a walk to the corner store.

    I think without a fair bit of experience highly social situations such as you describe are just too risky to take a chance.

    The lady at the church… lol sorry, but that is too funny! She must have figured that she “set you off” in one way or another!

    In the end, it sounds as if you came thru without damage to your reputation and/or “privates”.

    Proceed with caution, my friend!




    Dutifully noted, SM!

    The corkscrew fell off when I bend down to give her a hug.  Trust me…she’s NOT a looker at all. She is a senior citizen…not saying that senior citizen women can’t be hot.  She is not. LOL

    She is more of a motherly figure in the church.

    From now on, Corky will stay on a short leash!


    Stealth Man

    Lol… for all you know, she could be thinking you’re just a kinky guy into older ladies :))

    On a more serious note, you could try removing coils with a box cutter if you want a lighter smaller profile that is easier to put on and wear for longer periods of time in comfort and convenience ie. less risk of falling off. There is a small vinyl end cap included with the kit for sealing the wire.

    I like to wear my D24 with 3 coils removed for a much more versatile Corkscrew.



    Ah, I see…Thank you for the suggestion.  I will go with the option to wear only in the home and keep the coils right now. 🙂



    Late Entry


    By God’s grace, He woke me up again.

    Learning from my mistake last Sunday, I went to church with NO corkscrew and I did not have any issues at all.  After church, I completed PE and went back into the innerwear.  Again, no issues.

    Today (2/4/2019) I did notice that my innerwear has a single thread starting to hang out.  I’m scared to pull it because it may unravel it.  Maybe I am too rough with putting on my innerwear?  Insights are welcome.


    Stealth Man


    Loose threads are par for the course. We trim as many of these off during the manufacturing process as we can. However, depending on the type of thread it could lead to problems if you pull it off. Cotton threads are not an issue, but if it is the nylon thread used for the complex seam the secures the double layer sheath section as it transitions to the single layer, then you would want to use a lighter to carefully melt the thread at its source which in effect will melt the thread and prevent it from coming loose any further.




    Great stories!  My Corkscrew is expected to arrive Thursday and I can!t wait. After reading about your experiences, I feel I have a much better feel for the “do’s and don’ts“.

    By the way, I wore my Innerwear to church for the first time myself this last weekend.  No problems, but I felt I kept subtly glancing down to make sure the bulge wasn’t too obvious. 🙂


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