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    My progress so far:
    So i came across this on pegym as a lurker
    I started doing pe last year nov/dec on and off
    And decided to buy one in jan 2018
    I got the e26 in early feb

    Used it for a month and reliz3d that i may have bought a size too small
    Then bought the F28 in feb and got two because of the Chinese new year .. thanks team stealth!!!

    So far i seem to be all gains at the moment and just got my G28 with corkscrew
    Cannot wait to try that.

    Ive also been listening to binaural beats and hypnosis stuff at night to help as well
    Recently woke up with a massive hard on then went back to sleep. When i checked after peeing the next morning i noticed blood from my frenulum so it might have been some hell of an erection.

    Im also a gym junkie and eat pretty healthy as well so hopefully this helps with the healing.
    Im also doing some other things as well which ill post soon


    Stealth Man

    Welcome aboard jluda2099.

    Good to hear of the gains you are making. Regarding the blood.. yes you need to keep an eye on any symptoms that occur and take action to heal up as soon as possible which in most cases simply means to take a break until things settle down.

    The sooner you rest the sooner you can resume wearing again. It may require only a few hours if you catch it right away or maybe even over night. Whatever the case maybe take your time and make sure you have fully recovered before starting again. Over time these minor irritations will stop happening.

    I agree the mental aspects play a huge role in the outcomes one will experience. Hypnosis and the unconscious belief system it operates on are key factors in favour of success no matter the endeavour.

    Keep us posted on your results moving forward!




    Okay so, I am on my fourth day of wearing my gear. Although a little too big for my shorty (B30) I make it work (I did order a smaller one for my tiny guy), no appearance of gains. I wear the inner wear, both sleeves, the retainer ring and the corkscrew. I had to cut two coils off the corkscrew because it was way too big and heavy. The corkscrew is still just a little long so I take that last coil and wrap it around my balls sort of like a ball stretcher. I feel like I have a hard-on all day. I have worn it in public with a long shirt and it is exciting to know the bulge is there. There is this cooling sensation (can anyone explain) around my shaft, although strange I kind of like it, it’s kind of kinky. Drawbacks that I encounter is that;

    1. Bending over is a little uncomfortable

    2. when I take a piss it is a little difficult. Does anyone else have that problem or do I just have the corkscrew on too tight?

    what’s your story?




    Stealth Man


    I also prefer to wear my D24 Corkscrew with two coils removed for a lighter/smaller profile that is easier to put on and wear as well as conceal beneath clothing.

    I generally wear the Corkscrew at home around the house. If I go out I may or may not wear an untucked shirt over top and find it a bit of a thrill to exhibit the significant bulge that it produces.

    Not sure about the cooling sensation. I remove the Corkscrew to urinate

    For the most part, I am not wearing the Corkscrew these days as testing of the new Vac hanger is underway. Without a lot of hanging experience i.e.. no pre existing conditioning of the penis tissue for testing the maximum weight possible (32 lbs so far) there is some bruising that can happen. It takes a couple of days rest to recover and then more testing again.


    Christian Taylor

    Yeah, definitely take the corkscrew off to piss.  I like the idea of stretching a ring from the coils around my balls. I’m gonna try that. The cooling sensation may be a lack of blood flow from having the corkscrew tightened too tight.  That’s the opposite of what will give you results for penis enlargement.  And remember   Stealthman gives great advice!

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    Christian Taylor

    Oh? And may I PLEASE be a test dick for the vac hanger?


    Stealth Man


    The Vac hanger prototypes were very expensive to produce so extras were made in order to keep the R/D costs down. After working out the kinks in the design, with numerous prototypes, the production moulds underway so anything that becomes available will be market ready for sale. The harsh reality is that making next level professional kit is time consuming and very expensive!



    Stealth Man, when can we expect to see some more info on the Vac hanger (pics, release date, pricing, etc.) If the production molds are underway, I’d assume soon?

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    Stealth Man

    Everything is under wraps until we get the patent applications submitted. We would want to have the finished product properly presented up on release of the detailed information regarding the design etc.

    It will be worth the wait.



    Yup, completely understand about that until the patents are a done deal and no worries about the wait.


    Christian Taylor

    Understandable.  I’m excited to watch your company grow, and to grow along with you!


    Stealth Man

    glad to have you guys along and I am really looking forward to offering the very best tools available.

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