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    Hi guys,

    How do I best incorporate Stealth into my PE exercise routine? Should I wear the innerwear + corkscrew after I did my routine? Or should I wear them only on the rest days?

    It seems to me a bit counterintuitive to squeeze my penis into the sleeve right after a work-out that is supposed to increase my girth. I am afraid that that would, sort of, offset the effects of the work-out. Instead of leaving my penis in its engorged state for as long as possible, I would press it into the sleeve, like a sausage. 😉

    What do you guys think?


    Christian Taylor

    I use the Stealth after pe. Keeps the tissue stretched. I’ve gained over 2.5 inches length and about 2 in girth.


    Stealth Man

    You can size yourself after the workout to maintain your post pump engorgement and keep this one for regular use.



    My penis is very girthy and feel that elongation exercises are preferred rather than for girth.

    I have so much shrinkage that I prefer to have some length to show when I get nude before hitting the showers after a workout.

    Plenty of men in the locker room are very small and I ought not feel inadequate. Regardless, I want to show signs of a healthy endocrine system. This also give me the confidence to perform when I get home to my partner.

    Just like muscles, the penis needs time to heal from the stretching.  The stealth helps to maintain the length and seal or cement it into place  w/o the stealth, it will go back to shrinkage and turtle  When my penis gets full it seems to get girthier w/o the stealth use



    Christian Taylor

    As far as locker rooms, during a workout your blood flow is sent to the muscle groups you are using. Most guys turn I to trouser toddlers after a workout. But I hear ya about wanting to bulk up before the locker room. This will sound immature and borderline pervy, but hopefully into a bathroom stall and give yourself a fee good tugs or jelq style strokes before dropping trou.  It will bring your circulation back to your penis.

    Isn’t it amazing how we all check each other out in locker rooms but we all act like we don’t! Lol. I’m a tall blue eyed blond living in Asia.  I’m at the point where I expect the guys to stare. Lol



    Dear Christian,

    You are the Adonis among all us short guys! Of course we admire you!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whether you got in those jelqing tugs or not, you tall, exercising guys have earned admiration… and not one moment of that admiration is “pervy.” 😉

    Dear USMC 0313,
    You sure are right…I like your comment about wanting to demonstrate a healthy endocrine system.

    While I do not have the girth you enjoy, the length experienced from InnerWear and sleeves/Corkscrew/SabreSkin and MagVolt is a stabilized  1+ inch over the recent months.

    In a locker room where the management of the gym/pool might not use the furnace to keep room temperatures up, there will be all sorts of Celsius/Fahrenheit reasons for retraction and tightening of our penises and scrotums– just to keep our sperm healthily warm.

    For any of us swimmers the locker room shrinkage of penises is even more dramatic. Proper pool management needs to keep the water on the slightly chill side so swimmers stroke with less exhaustion and the pool disinfectants are conserved. After a vigorous swim in a pool where competitive swimmers train it might require a 20-minute HOT shower or some intentional jelqing to get our penises to relax.

    Stealthman gave us a tip about using the Sabre Skin when swimming. That in addition to an after-swim hot shower may be the best relaxation.

    Have fun, Gents!


    Christian Taylor

    I’m looking forward to seeing how the Mag-Volt  (I ordered it last week) helps with PE!



    Does anybody have any pe exercises/routines that they’ve found affective? Obviously everybody responds to things differently and there’s a lot of information out there, but just wanted to see if anybody has found certain ones useful?


    Stealth Man

    The first thing to be clear on is the amount of time and energy you are willing to commit to on your PE journey.

    The Innerwear, as a 24/7 passive extender, is the best starting point as it requires little to no dedication with no discomfort or inconvenience to speak of.

    The next level would and should include some basic jelqing to engorge the penis with fresh blood to its capacity. Done properly there will also be some manual stretching applied at different angles which is good for overall penis health and erection quality in general.

    Beyond this, you could consider the Corkscrew for more active of 2-8 hours depending on your experience and level of tissue conditioning.

    This is a good foundation for any PE routine which could be more or less specific with respect to scheduling, again, depending on the time and energy you want to commit.

    Beyond this, pumping and/or hanging would be a good avenue to explore in pursuit of more advanced training techniques to maximize growth potential.


    Christian Taylor

    Everything Stealthman said is great. The Stealth Innerwear has really helped my size. I also purchased the Penis Professor program online and it has really well planned workouts to cover your penis from every angle. I have had great results.  Like over 2 inches in length and girth. I am going to start again to see how big is can get ? but my wife has made a rule that she can tell me to stop. As it is I can’t fit in every position. So go for it and see what happens.

    But do bear in mind that what the porn and pe industries say about average is simply false. Average (for most ethnicities) is 4.5 to 5.5 inches. Not 6 to 7. So it is important to feel good about your trouser snake as it is. Too many guys suffer from body dismorphea in the area of penis size!




    Thanks Christian and Stealth Man for your advice. Definitely helpful! I’ve been using some basic jelqing and stretching exercises about 5 or so days a week for a few months. I really like the innerwear because it’s passive and can be worn all day. I could probably add some additional time every day as well for some more exercise techniques if I find some good ones. I’ve never tried pumping or hanging before, but am curious about them


    Stealth Man

    Hey Christian,

    I received a PM from you sometime back. The forum PM functions seem to be a bit wonky as I did not get a notification and then the message simply vaporized when I attempted to reply. So I sent you a reply on the support email but never heard back. I am not really happy with this forum software and will be looking at alternatives once the Vac-Hanger is released.

    I will look into the penis professor program and see what it is all about.



    Christian Taylor

    Thanks Stealthman.  I didn’t get the email from you or I would have emailed back. Sorry about that.

    Yeah, the professor is great. It has a money back guarantee and they assign you a coach. Also, the videos are very professional. The man is fully dressed wearing a prosthetic  (a large prosthetic that needs no PE) penis over his clothing. Even gloves to insure that he is not showing any skin. Lol. Overkill but I understand the point.

    Good program. I’m super happy with it. It’s like $70 for a lifetime membership. It’s easy to do. Sometimes I do it while watching TV at night with my wife. Then she gets into it. And the TV goes off…?

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