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    Does your spouse or significant other know about your use of the Innerwear?

    If so, how did you approach the topic initially and what was their reaction?

    If not, how do you hide it from them?


    Christian Taylor

    My wife loves my junk as is but enjoys seeing the boost in my confidence. She loves the sight of my crotch in tight pants!


    Stealth Man

    I think a woman’s first reaction often is who are you trying to get into bed with automatically associating the product with the need to attract a sexual partner.

    Depending on the type of relationship you have with your spouse would determine where it goes from there but I think a bit of honest communication about the enhanced sense of confidence you experience would be not hard to understand or at least appreciate.

    Men are so caught up in their dicks to the point of major impact on identity and sense of masculinity.. no doubt some more than others.

    Then there is the whole penis enlargement story which may or may not factor into the equation. Some women may even get turned on with the idea as Christian relates while other may just shake their head in bewilderment.

    I guess it depends on how stealth you want it to be and whether you feel your spouse can relate or not.

    keep us posted on how the story unfolds!



    I’m also curious about this topic as well; while I enjoy the confidence and fun that comes out of showcasing that extra bulge from my raw skinny jeans, for some reason I get really self conscious with my partner touching its surface and feeling it as an odd texture. So when I suspect anything intimate I kind of make sure I discretely remove it before anything.

    But this kind of defeats the purpose of my confidence in public but lack of confidence when with my loved one. I’m also curious to hear more from others how they feel about their spouse/partner if they’re unaware of this, and the potential embarrassment that comes from them discovering?


    Christian Taylor

    Jackie 30, I felt Awkward with my wife touching me over my pants with my Stealth on at first because I felt like she new it was ‘fake.’ She assumed me that she knows better than anyone that it isn’t fake, but rather keeps me at a full hang. The increase in my confidence turns her on and off course that turns me on.

    So all of this is basically to I courage you to feel better about being felt, lol. She knows what you’re packing under those skinny jeans. And it’s all you. Own it and enjoy it. Be encouraged that you are not the only one and I know how you feel.


    Christian Taylor

    Jack 30 sorry about messing up your name. Auto correct.



    My wife has always thought i was “big ” though i really fall in the average range. When i’ve talked to her about using techniques and tools, she has basically responded with “you don’t need it,  but whatever makes you happy”. I never put it on or off around her,  so she is likely not aware most of the time i’m wearing it,  but i wouldn’t mind if she did know.



    While he’s never seen me naked with it on, and while we’ve never talked about it, I’m sure he knows I’m doing *something* – he knows how I’m built (or not, as the case is) and he’s seen me in well-fitting jeans (when I’ve had it on) and has been around when others have commented on my bulge.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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