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    Christian Taylor

    The forum topic has been on here about whether your spouse (my wife is awesome) knows you use the Stealth Innerwear or do you keep it  secret. Within that there is the question  of  (if you do active PE) does your wife know you are actively changing a part of your body that she is intimate with? So another question along with this, does your wife get involved by asking questions, taking before and after pics, watch you put on /off, watch you do active PE excercises  and how does she feel? My hot blond wife loves to watch. Enjoys watching me jelq. Offers to help jelq (something I need to do for myself, lol.) Even willing to take an instructional video to help other guys in the process.

    So here we go: share some stories about how your significant other feels, does she know, does she care, how does this effect your relationship? Let’s take a little time to talk about our significant others and how  this affects them.



    You are lucky your spouse participates. My wife is supportive but does not do much to participate. The other day she did ask how much bigger will it get, she says she does not think she can take much more.


    Stealth Man

    Overall, it doesn’t sound like a bad position to be in with your wife 😉


    Christian Taylor

    My wife screamed, “OUCH!!! Too much. Too much. What, is it multiplying?” Greatest night ever! I told her not to worry, I’m happy to help her to stretch!



    Mine is a solo life, yet am cheering you guys on as you and your spouses find the playfulness to enjoy the process of StealthForMen and the many body changes linked you your penises.

    Hooray for you guys!!!!!!!




    Solo affair here too!  Although she has recently taken slightly more interest… been nearly a year of almost full time use and I have kept it hidden so far!  To me that shows the genious power of the Stealth.  If I can pee, change clothes, and crawl in bed naked while wearing the Stealth and still keep it a secret, the design is something special!  Often at night I’ll remove and tuck the stealth in my pillow case getting into bed, then slip it back on once she is going to sleep.

    Once I was working at home and she surprised me by asking me to try on a bathing suit in the middle of the day!  I gudgenly obliged but left my underwear on to which she complained a bit. I blew it off and said it fits, I have to get back to work… Since she has no idea, that would have been an interesting conversation! Lol

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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