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    Unfortunately the original thread was somehow lost when trying to reply to the post from a cell phone for the first time.

    In response to the question regarding some scabbing that had formed on the under side of the shaft next to the glans.

    This can occur when an excess of skin (frenulum) bunches up and gathers between the silicone ring and the glans. The friction that occurs will rub the skin raw with the subsequent scabbing over when healing that you mention.

    This is much more likely to happen during the initial conditioning period in which case the sooner you rest the sooner you can resume wearing the inner wear again without any problem.

    If you catch the irritation early enough then a few hours of rest may be enough or over night at the most to recover. However if you let it go too long you may end up needing the full 3 days rest that you mentioned you are taking now.

    This problem is exasperated by wearing tighter fitting underwear with the penis in the down position. The underside of the glans gets compressed against the silicone ring with the folds of frenulum skin trapped in between so that friction occurs as you move about your day. To prevent this you should retract the loose skin back into the sheath to eliminate the pinching, rubbing and chaffing from happening.

    A useful technique to effectively retract the skin is to grip the underside of the silicone ring with one hand and use the other to pull the skin of the shaft at the base of the penis near the ball sack to slide the excess skin back inside the sheath where it is protected.





Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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