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    Rob Gordon

    I recently purchased the Sabre Skin and absolutely love it but I have been finding that after a few days use it becomes permanently stretched – I understand it does change to fit your anatomy but it is becoming much looser? Is this normal and is there any way to return it back to its normal girth/circumference? I started with a 22 and that became too loose so I then moved to a 20 and that was great for a few days but became too loose and now I’m on the 18 which is the smallest you do… it’s a little too tight to start with but I know in a few days it will loosen up a lot and I just hope that this one won’t go too big?

    I love the end where it narrows slightly as that sits nicely behind the glans but in both the 22 and the 20 that has become almost the same diameter as the rest of the Sabre Skin. Any advice would be appreciated? I’m loving wearing the products and I’ve just ordered a slightly smaller strapless innerwear in the hope that will alleviate the little pull on the top of the glans that always seems to want to give way to minor retraction. When the Sabre Skins are at normal size, when new, I don’t get any glans retraction into the tube and they really make my glans prominent in light shorts and I want it to stay that way!!


    Rob Gordon

    The 18 Sabre Skin in place


    Rob Gordon

    Thought I would upload an image. I know thats not an impressive size but for me, this would normally be retracted completely into the pubic fat area but wearing the Sabre Skin keeps it like it is in the photo and it feels great. I imagine this is what its like for guys with regular sized penis when they just always hang down in front when soft rather than retracting like a turtle!


    Stealth for Men

    Hello Rob,

    I have been experimenting with the Sabre Skin over the past months or so. that it is best to wear it in two separate layers. This makes for a much better proportioned girth to the respective length gain. This also effectively prevents the glans from slipping past the edge of the sleeve when sitting.

    As you have various girths you can experiment to find the right combination for the best performance. I wear a couple of 24 girths and they work really well. Btw. I also wear the fully adjustable Ball Strap plus Mag-Volt in combination with the Sabre Skins.

    One customer reported that he uses a hot air blow dryer to shrink the sleeve girth to good effect but I never had the need so I haven’t tried it yet. Maybe I will do some experimenting to see how it works.

    Anyway, try double layers with the different girths to find the best combination and let us know how it goes.


    Christian Taylor

    Rob, you have a HUGE head. I would love to have a glans like yours!



    I would love to try the Sabre skin. How hard is it to put on?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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