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    I bought one a few years back, but as life happened, I didn’t use it much (even though I really liked it). Well, I’m wanting to fix this turtling issue and commit to it. However, I think last time I ordered a size too big (in girth). Kept having slippage and thought it was just me. After reading some comments, looks like I might just not have sized it right and going to order a size down.

    I also had the corkscrew but I was NEVER able to get it to fit and use it. I want to reorder both, but I’m a little worried that the corkscrew would still be too big. My question is, has do the innerwear and corkscrew have to be the same size, or could I get the innerwear, and get the corkscrew 1 size smaller?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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