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    I have the D28 innerwear and corkscrew, and I’m wondering if anyone else using these is uncut and experiencing turtling while wearing it. I’m currently still breaking mine in and getting my skin used to wearing it all day. Does wearing the jacket and skin that comes with it help with this for anyone? Strangely the ring that came with is pretty loose. As soon as my skin is up to it I’ll try to add wearing the jacket and skin to see if that helps and put the ring on at the base. Also does anybody urinate wearing these? I use porta pottys at work and don’t want to be fiddling around in there, and then when I’m out there’s cameras everywhere smh so… I don’t want to be constantly taking it off and putting it back on. So it’s also possible that I got the wrong size since I’m turtling, but getting a narrower girth means more compression, and I’m already having trouble urinating through this entirely, which is causing other issues. (Involuntarily bladder spasms which is pushing urine out afterwards) *shrug* Also does anybody wear it without pulling your skin back all the way and if so what were your results? I’m currently doing that and do not feel any tug on my skin. It’s just till I’m able to wear the jacket and skin.

    Thanks for any insight you guys may have!



    I am uncut and have great luck with the products. I wear mine so the head is exposed when worn. You should be able to urinate with it on but may have to give a little extra push to get the stream started.O have tried to wear it with the skin not retracted and did not have any success. You do need to wear the jacket and sleeve to make it work.

    I hope this helps



    Stealth Man

    You have the right idea to begin intermittent on and off during the initial conditioning period before wearing full time. The conditioning period and time on and off depends on the individual response with some requiring more and some none at all.

    The basic idea is, the sooner you rest the sooner you can resume wearing again. Maybe it only requires a few hours or overnight rest but if you choose to ignore and the skin becomes irritated then you may need a 2-3 days rest. I remember mostly ignoring because I preferred the sensation of wearing it all the time, so yeah… individual choice and consequences 😉

    If you are experiencing slippage, the first thing I like to check is that the innerwear is set-up correctly with the two folds of the base band. If not, it is more than likely inside out which leads to slippage as the silicone ring rolls under with the glans sliding past easily.

    Here are a couple of pics to demonstrate the difference.

    Inside Out which you can see leads to the silicone ring rolling under allowing the glans to slip past and down the sleeve…

    Correct set-up of the baseband with two folds with silicone ring facing inside the sleeve…

    Here is a link to the demo video as well…

    If you are still experiencing slippage with a tight fitting sleeve at the base of the shaft then a custom tapered sleeve might be required to get the correct fit. You can take your flaccid stretched measurements at the base, mid-shaft and glans to determine the correct size for circumference along the shaft.

    If not, then simply a size down in girth may be all that is required.

    Urination is a bit more tricky wearing the Innerwear. As the urethra is stretched the urine flow will be impeded, more or less. If fully stretched urination is not possible at all as a result of the intense burning sensation which causes an automatic contraction to prevent any more flow right then and there.

    Once the properly fitted Innerwear has had a chance to break-in for a more comfortable fit you should have no problem as long as you take some extra time to “finish” 2-3 extra times. By this I mean to relax and expel several more times after you would usually consider to be finished. Never rush this process and assume you are done, otherwise, you risk leakage which typically occurs with a cough or sneeze. Very uncomfortable and potentially embarrassing.

    If I am wearing the spandex sleeves layered on top I will usually remove them to avoid the potential mishap described above.


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