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    If not a new product request, maybe someone knows of an alternative out there.  But a glands cap (sleeve) for two purposes.  Warmth and holding form.  Wouldn’t want it to cut off circulation.  I realize that one of the benefits of the current design is you can pee without taking everything off.  But if it was just a glands cover for warmth, anti-microbial and somewhat rigid to help with form.  I think it would be an amazing tool.

    I’ve loved the products so far. My glands however get cold and I’m not sure if I just don’t have a defined ridge on the head.  But my glands dip at the center into the sleeve.  Even with wearing the full gear.  Which leads to weird indents, wrinkles and what appears to be a broken penis head.  Obviously after applying some heat and time they mostly go away.


    Stealth Man

    We have a glans cap with the Vac-Hanger. It will be available in all 12 girths plus an additional two at either end of the size range ie. 14-16 and 42-44 for a total of 16 different sizes of Vac-Hanger glans caps.

    I am not sure it would work exactly as you have in mind due to the flaccid glans being highly pliable. So rather than enhance the shape of the glans I think it will simply compress it to cause “indents and wrinkles” etc. Even though the appearance of the glans cap would be enhanced … I am not sure it would effectively serve the purpose you have mentioned.

    The other factor for such a cap is that it would be made of silicone or similar material which would not allow the skin to breathe for moisture to collect during extended wear times.

    I think it’s a challenge for a practical remedy.

    You might want to consider the Innerwear selection a size shorter which reduces pressure applied to the crest of the coronal ridge as it tends to get drawn behind the silicone ring which causes the indentation or crease. The solution here would be a silicone ring that mimicked the contours of the glans in such a way that the forces of extension are evenly distributed around the entire circumference of the coronal ridge and not so much at the apex of the glans.

    I have experimented with contoured silicone rings as described but the problem here is that a “tab” of silicone is formed on the underside as it extends along the narrowing groove of the frenulum. This tab becomes rather flimsy and lacks support to be of much use. Another problem is that the “tab” invites the user to pull the innerwear on with it. Over time this leads to the silicone separating from the fabric. As a result we have kept to the simple ring albeit with its own limitations.

    When you start working to resolve “everything” it soon becomes apparent that compromises must be made in order to arrive a suitable balance. This takes into consideration the form, function, manufacturing limitations and cost.

    However, you could always experiment with the Vac-Hanger glans cap and see if it doesn’t offer some advantage for the application you describe.



    Thanks for the response.  Much to consider.

    I think what I had envisioned was more of a TPE glans cap.  Something similar to the Sabre Skin but its use was primarily to keep the glans warm. An added bonus was if it helped with retraction.

    Is the Vac Hanger product similar to the magnetic ring device, in that its found through a special link. I was unaware of its existence along with other products it would seem because its not listed in the “Products” section of the website.  Is there a full product listing link of all your stuff that can be ordered?

    Off topic but hopefully you can clarify something for me.  With the Sabre Skin is there a use case for it to be worn by itself (not over the Innerwear) and are there precautions and/or issues with it that I need to consider with its use for using it without the Innerwear underneath?


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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