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    Hi guys,

    i have the problem, that i can’t wear the corkscrew. seems like, it does not fit properly. sometimes my dick i too hard, so i can’t even push the corkscrew on the penis, or if i pull on the spandex, it won’t came of

    size is the same as the innerwear, this time i ordered a smaller innerwear and added the corkscrew, last time innerwear was way too big because of measuring issue


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    Hello rgm607,

    The Corkscrew is highly adjustable to fit so you should have no problem with the size you have now unless it is too long. In which case, you can cut coils off with a box cutter and use the spare end cap included with the kit to seal the wire. We have actual demo videos that will be very useful for review. You can send a message to the support email at [email protected] and I will supply the link to your email which will provide all the tips and tricks needed for wearing the device effectively.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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