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    Hey All,

    Troutfly here. Thanks to Stealth, my member is looking more and more the size of a nice trout hanging out my fly. Enjoy that stretch the best actually. Every guy hangs a bit differently, for me straight-out is the nuetral position for me when wearing Stealth. Pants force it to hang down or to the side, which is less comfortable for me anatomy. So around the house, I have it hanging out my fly. No big deal, it’s my house and everyone is used to it.

    I’ve been wearing the inner-wear for the past three years. Love the results. Gone from a D24 and I’m just now moving up to a G34.

    Recently I’ve caught onto a nice routine that seems to work. Taoist edjing (heavy jelqing for at least 30 mins) usually early morning. Then go to work. (I’m a school teacher and don’t have it in me to wear the Stealth to work. That is itself a separate topic.) But I look forward to coming home and strapping into the Stealth for a nice stretch. Just hanging out. Doing a light workout, especially ab exercises further adds to the stretch and effect. Yoga also seems to help loosen ligaments and lead to a better hang.

    Though I have worn it to bed, I don’t do that in my current regiment. I’ve read a lot, and having a little down time (the time at work also counts) apparently gives the cells of the dick a chance to multiple. Besides, that recovery period sleeping leads to morning wood that helps initiate the next days Taoist edging.

    Seems to be working. I’m actually really happy with the gains in glandular girth and length. Thanks for a great product.


    Christian Taylor

    What is the difference between taoist edging and jelqing?



    Taoist edging means that you get as hard and aroused as possible, but don’t cum. That’s the key, not to ejaculate. There’s all sorts of centuries old belief about building up chi, or qi, or something like that. I know for me, initially it led to massive blue balls in the off hours. The only way to make the “pain” of the blue balls go away was to get another hard-on. And, since you never ejaculated in the first place, it’s all that much easier to get hard again. It’s kind of a positive feedback loop. All of which helps bring blood and nourish the dick so that it can grow. Jelqing is definitely part of a good Taoist edging session.

    I guess the major components are:

    1. Set a timer. 30mins is a good time. When the time rings, don’t finish yourself off

    2. Use lots of natural oil

    3. Do it standing. In front of a mirror is cool.

    4. Incorporate pelvic tilts and thrusts to mimic actual fucking. These are all muscles and the stronger they are, the stronger you are. I use my right hand. But mimic fucking as much as possible. It’s a whole body exercise routine, if done right. Hump something for a hands free effect.

    5. Massage your balls, nipples, and space between your balls and anus. All of that is supposed to both aid in circulation and movement of chi, qi, sperm-energy, but it also feels good. (Especially once your balls get swollen from not ejaculating for weeks at a time.)

    These sessions don’t substitute sex. Far from it. Rather, they get you better ready to last and last when you actually do have sex with your partner. Seems to work for me. There is a rumor that Sting practiced Taoist and is reknowned to have had sex sesssions that lasted hours where he was hard throughout.

    I find the inner-wear helps in those in-between when we’re either not completely alone or intimate with our partner. At least, that’s how it’s been working for me.


    Stealth Man

    very interesting story line… congrats on the gains! Definitely an amplification of energy dynamics when reabsorbing the orgasm rather than releasing the load.



    Thanks Stealth Man, It’s been an awesome journey. You’re inner-wear really holds the stretch during the day and taoist edging engorges for a half hour at dawn it with blood so it can hold a bigger stretch in the future. It’s a routine that I’m really enjoying. Results have been awesome. The only downside is that the positive feedback loop caused via semen retention, accompanied by frequent edging, makes you so incredibly horny. I guess that’s why its recommended to stay away from porn if one attempts this path. You really don’t need it; trust me.


    Stealth Man

    Yes… its one thing to edge on the tipping point of a physical orgasm and quite another to edge on the psychological abyss between restraint and the apparently ceaseless urge for pleasure.

    Primal impulses have so much authority as an inherent mechanism of self preservation and by extension survival of the species in which sabotage is an effective strategy to short circuit the more lofty yearnings of the higher self to realize transcendence.

    Unity and duality are two are poles seemingly at odds with one another.





    You’re right Stealth Man. Even-though I approach this routine from a physiologic, exercise, and “feels good” angle, there is definitely the issue of energies.

    From my understanding, sexual energy is one of the only forms of energy that we can create and build. But, that energy is “lost” if you ejaculate. Building of one’s sexual energy can be done either in tandem with one’s partner or alone.

    As men, our anatomy is literally right out there, and ready at any time. We have the ability to build that energy up, reach a plateau, and ride a wave edging on nirvana. Doing it standing with pelvic involvement will bring benefits of any physical activity.

    Doing it with a partner is “better,” but different. That takes both to be in the zone and both not seeking an ejaculatory ending. All that takes is a little (a lot actually) communication. This practice is usually called tantra.

    Because of this energy-side, there are quite a few do’s and don’ts. For example,

    1. Stay away from porn. That perverts things apparently in unrealistic ways. Doing it w/out porn also allows one to accept their own body. One tau meditation is to stand in front of a mirror naked and simply touch one’s lips, nipples, public hair, balls… During the first itteration, imagine someone else touching you in each of those places… During the second go round, imagine massaging and giving pleasure to someone else in those places. Not that you’re going to do such a thing (see next point) but both sides of this meditation makes one aware of their own sexual validity.
    2. Stay away from outside sex. Building energy with a partner is awesome, but that’s because you connect with and intermingle with their energy. If you do that with a stranger/other you also pick up their energies, and that might not be to your benefit. Kind’a like a metaphysical STD. Then there’s the issue of one’s partner… bad.
    3.Do use “power blocks” during the routine to stop oneself from ejaculating if one is super-super close. Best power-block is to go into a clenched mountain-pose concentrating on ones dick. “Clenching” ones dick in this pose causes it to expand even past what’s normally max hardness. Stay with all the muscles of the body clenched (focus centered at the penis) until the immediate need to ejaculate passes. Then continue the routine of building energy until 30mins is up.

    Each of these notes involves harnessing energies mindfully


    Stealth Man

    Yes, that is an interesting post with many valid points to consider.

    The manifestation of energy and the depletion that is experienced after ejaculation is fairly obvious… specially for the man who typically wants to just roll over and fall asleep afterwards.

    I see it somewhat like a bottle of carbonated water that can activated or awakened thru agitation or in this case stimulation. If the bottle shaking practitioner (so to speak) is lacking in skill and the point of release not well modulated, the edge is passed beyond the point of return… then figuratively speaking the cap flies off and the fluid is released in an uncontrolled discharge of worldly pleasure.

    However, in the case of the experience practitioner the edge of return is maintained for the energy to be consciously reabsorbed and then potentially re-manifest with even more vigour and vitality of the ever present life force which otherwise might remain dormant.

    I find that when the release is not “spent” it gets internalized to manifest as heightened conscious awareness with acutely focused attention if need be… rather than experiencing the temporary pleasure of release and then falling back into the more unconscious states of being by default.

    This internalization of energy which leads to a quiet/still presence is transcendental in nature and there at the perimeter of that non manifested space lurks the more primitive desires which aspire to perpetuate their existence in the lower more dense realms of reality.

    This level at its worst manifests as a competitive, greedy, fearful, anxious and/or depressed being that is stuck in a gyroscopic 3d revolving door of confusion.

    Sometimes I feel like that and an good orgasm is useful a means of escape… however momentary.




    A guy PM’d me to go into more specifics with my routine. Sure, I don’t mind letting it all hang out, so I’m replying to him on the main thread. I’ve learned this routine from a variety of online and around-town resources. Since adding this routine, along with wearing Stealth inner-wear during the daylight hours, not only do I have tons more energy, focus, and patience, but also my dick seems to have gotten bigger. Cool!


    Taoist edging is really a form of meditation so you need a private place where you can totally relax and not be disturbed. Hours of early morning and pre-dawn are working well for me.


    With timing comes atmosphere, for me living in New England, cold can be an issue. To edge properly one needs to be either completely or mostly naked so one has access to all parts of one’s body. So, I close of my bathroom, turn of the space heater and let the shower run hot for a while. Instead of the main light I use a candle. Within a few moments to room is toasty and being naked is fine.


    Use natural oils. I like olive oil because it has no smell and makes the skin sensuous and slick. Besides, the Spartans used to rub olive oil all over their naked bodies before their games and competitions. Natural oils seem to be best because they retain their slickness longest. And since a main aspect of these sessions is to retain a boner for a full 30 mins, so the lube needs to last. Eventually, even natural oils will get absorbed into the skin and need replenishing, which is another reason I prefer olive, it’s just a food so it’s harmless.

    The routine itself:

    Standing the whole time– 30 mins. In retrospect, when one jerks-off either sitting or laying down, one’s body is essentially motionless. In these positions, it’s really only a rapidly moving hand that is causing any stimulation. Being motionless is not a goal here. Rather, rhythm and muscle movement of the entire body should be incorporated. For example, keep your hand that you normally jack-off with motionless, but through pelvic tilting and thrusting achieve stimulation of your shaft and head.

    Like any exercise routine, start off slow and build up. I find that these daily sessions give a really good workout to your lower core.


    Sure, why not? Explore and see what you like. Everyone is slightly different. Experiment. The goal is to stay hard for 30 mins. If toys help, cool. Weird, but sometimes I like a little nipple-clamp on my right nipple (but not the left). That gentle pain can give me a boner in an instant, if my attention happens to drift off. Actually, keeping one’s focus for a full 30 mins is a lot “harder” (or not) than it sounds. So something that can snap you right back into the zone (a weak nipple clamp works for me) is quite useful

    Another recent toy that I’ve been using is a loose cockring that encircles the entire genital mass. There are upsides and downsides to this. The upside is that even though it is fitted snug, not tight, there is a blood retention effect and boners become easier to maintain. Also, it’s physical presence restricts the balls for going up into the body into ejaculation position. The downside is that one needs to be sized correctly. The other downside it that it makes it more difficult to massage the testicles and perineum, which should not be neglected especially because a main outcome of long-term semen retention is that both the balls and perineum become much more sensitive and in need of massage.

    30 mins that’s all:

    Though you might want to do more, try to do 30 mins per session per day. Once it’s over wash up and start your day. Like I said before, I like to strap myself into some innerwear because I enjoy the stretch of maintaining the length you had while edging.

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