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    So, I have entered the 1 year mark of wearing the Stealth. I’d like to share my experience so far.

    My first order was for a D24 and a Corkscrew. This was in Mar 2018.

    Over the course of 1 year, I have purchased other Innerwear’s, gradually increasing in length, but not girth.

    I went from a D24, then up to E24, followed by F24 and currently G24.

    How much of this gain is from wearing the Stealth 5 days a week? That’s anyone’s guess. I feel as though a part of it needs to be attributed to me incorrectly measuring the correct size to begin with.

    I do wear the Innerwear daily, about 8-9 hours a day. And, I do wear the Corkscrew on the weekends. Ranging anywhere from an hour here and there, do all day. It just depends on what I’m doing.

    Funny enough, I have had those embarrassing moments where the Corkscrew will fall off and slide down my pant leg while in public! YIKES! Again, this is a user error and not a manufacturing defect.

    I do find that for me, the only comfortable way to wear the Innerwear is while going comando (I don’t wear boxers). I find that if I am wearing briefs, the Innerwear, and myself in general, get bunched up and the “turtleing” effect is more common. While at work, not wearing briefs does give the impression that I am walking around with a constant erection. I am aware of this and I am mindful. So really, I don’t see much in terms of an increase in “bulge”.

    Also, while not wearing the Innerwear, I do not see any difference in how I “hang” then prior to wearing the Innerwear. Everything looks just like it did before. But considering the range of sizes that I’ve experienced, perhaps my penis is just becoming more elastic? Highly doubtful, but plausible?

    I have tried many different ways of wearing the Innerwear depending on the activity. With one of my older Innerwears, I actually cut off the strap that loops around the testicles. I do groom myself in that area, and I have noticed after a while the strap will begin to irritate that area and I will “undo” the strap from around my testicles.

    I’ve also tried different variations in how I wear the Jackets and Skins as well as the sleeves. After buying a total of 5 Innerwears I have a collection of Jackets, Skins and Sleeves. I’ve tried different combinations of all of the items and have found the best method, for me, is the black jacket first, followed by the Skin and then the Sleeve (in that order). I also wear two retaining bands. One at the base and the other directly below the head of my penis.

    I recently picked up the Sabre Skin and I am still playing with it to see what works best for me. So far, I am using the same items as I’ve listed above but have now added the Sabre Skin as a 4th layer. I had an idea that I was going this route so  I bought the Sabre Skin at a large circumference size. I’ll keep trying different variations to see what works best for me. All in all, this is a very customizable system to suit.

    In summary, after 1 year of use, I am happy with the products. I have not encountered any manufacturing defects or product shortfalls (with the exception of one Innerwear silicon bead cracking and peeling away from the Innerwear).

    I also dabble in wearing ball stretchers and cock rings. But, I’ve also learned that these items are NOT compatible with the Corkscrew. The Corkscrew is heavy enough that it pushes your penis straight down (damn gravity). If I wear anything that pushes the tesiticles out and away from my body, then the massive Corkscrew pushes my penis outward and creates one hell of a sight!



    Stealth Man


    That is a very impressive size progression!

    I wear my Corkscrew in the privacy of my home. I used to go out more with it on but not so much nowadays. In any case, it never slips off unintentionally so you may want to experiment more with the set-up to see if you can make it more secure.

    I went commando just the other day, in freshly washed jeans, ie. snug fitting, to be showing much more length than when I wear pouch style jockey underwear. There was also more tendency for sustained semi-erection due to the feel-good factor.

    If I understand, correctly you say that your flaccid length now is more or less the same as when you are wearing the Innerwear?

    I have heard feedback from others who report wearing the spandex sleeves as an underlayer to the Innerwear. I have never tried it myself as I am satisfied with the spandex sleeves layered on top of the sheath with the silicone ring seated directly behind the glans. However, the component system is designed to provide creative options so that you can find what sort of arrangement works best for you.

    I like how you ordered the larger girth Sabre Skin with the intention to wear it on top of the Innerwear with multiple layers of the spandex sleeves.

    We will be considering to make a new version on the ball stretchers in the future. There is room for improvement on the current designs available in the market.

    Thanks for the in-depth feedback on your Stealth experience.

    Very helpful!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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