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    After reading all the forum posts and studying the corkscrew for a while, I wonder if it makes sense to order the largest corkscrew possible: length and diameter.  Since many have said they cut a few rings off for the most comfortable fit, my thinking is that I could just as easily cut 1/3 off and have one full size corkscrew and another that just adds a little weight without the full bulk.  I haven’t done the math, but since the larger sizes just add total length to a flexible coil, it’s possible the max corkscrew could have twice the weight (and thus stretch) of a smaller one.  While you wouldn’t want to wear the excess all the time, it might come handy.  Is the correct size tube really that important to make the rings tighter?  It seems the innerwear itself could the the “tube” I wrap around!

    Also – the corkscrew appears to get most of its functionality from the heavy lead wire adding weight.  While the video says extend to stretch, am I right in thinking there is very little spring tension?



    The Corkscrew device has been fascinating in the sensations it stimulates.

    I cut 2.25 rings from its length to be the effective size initially and am enjoying the process of slowly, gently extending the tension for a longer and curved downward configuration of the Corkscrew.

    Weekends and some evenings have been the better times for test-driving the Corkscrew for me. Frankly, the exaggerated bulge it creates when wearing some of my clothing is just more theater than I am willing to explain to some of my uninhibited acquaintances, but readily will express to my real friends — and you fine fellows.

    So, the Corkscrew has on some weekend jaunts doing chores and errands, gotten loose from its moorings. In other words, the InnerWear and Corkscrew have both weightily fallen off my penis and scrotum — and fortunately into the pouch of my underwear or jock — instead of upon a sidewalk or grocery aisle (whew!)

    Remembering StealthMan’s mention of configuring the base rings of the Corkscrew into a cockring and using the remainder of the Corkscrew for steadily snugger grip on my penis’ shaft to the snuggest around the base of the Glans and Frenulum after gently pulling back the foreskin…. I tried such a configuration.

    The photo shows the device with me not “in-the- saddle.” You get the idea, I hope.

    Since I am not as experienced or comfortable with wearing a cockring, the experiment required a few re-tries to fit before the contraption would stay and was not pinching off blood to my scrotum and testicles.

    All-in-all the sensation was pleasant with a couple hours of slow stretching of the Corkscrew’s length and enough stability of grip to allow me to pick Strawberries and Scotch Bonnet Peppers from my garden without a public scene —- only some mighty fine,Stealth Corkscrew idea1 private sensations.





    Following up in case this helps others. Once again customer service was very helpful and suggested that I order the correct diameter.  Having the right size tube is very nice when retwisting the corkscrew back to the right shape.  I did make a custom order with a longer corkscrew than my innerwear, which was very hard to use at first and it took me a while to find just the right place to cut it shorter. In the end I now have a full length corkscrew for home use (675 grams or about 1.5 pounds) and a shorter one with about 5 coils that I feel pretty comfortable wearing all the time (317 grams or 0.7 pounds).  Given the lighter weight of the small one, I haven’t had it slip off yet, but I also tighten all the coils.  And when I’m in “excercise mode,” I can wear the longer corkscrew and then screw the short corkscrew onto the end resulting in almost 1000 grams or 2.2 pounds of stretch!

    My favorite part about the corkscrew is how easy it is to put on and take off! In seconds I can go from a weighted stretch to innerwear only maintanence. It is fast enough that I have used a public urinal without too much fear!  I also have the autoextender weighted end caps (not a Stealth product) and trying to roll up the silicon sleeve cannot be done in public even when cut in half!  Plus the weighted cap adds unnatural length and swing whereas I feel the short corkscrew appears quite natural.  I see where others have said the full length is a bit too much to wear outside the house for most people, but my short version meets my every need!


    Stealth Man

    great to see adjustments being made for creative applications!

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