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    Hi everyone, mag Volt arrived yesterday and I’m trying to figure out what the ideal fit is supposed to be. The instructions don’t really say anything other than if it’s too loose, cut the tubing to fit. But what I don’t know is what fit is ideal? Snug but not causing any restriction? Should it cause some restriction?


    Thanks for your help!



    Same question from me.  Mine is expected to arrive tomorrow.  Since we provided an erect measurement, will it be somewhat loose the rest of the time?

    With the Corkscrew and Sabre Skin, I may have trimmed them a bit too much once I became accustomed to them.  I don’t want to do that with the Mag-Volt.




    I cut mine down a few times.  I could probably make it snugger at this point but I am fine with it as is.

    If it’s too loose it will fall down and off, you want it to stay at the base generally while not being restrictive whatsoever.  It needs to be comfortable.

    I slowly took off a CM or so at a time over days and weeks till I got the fit I liked.

    Everyones anatomy is so different as is their definition of comfort, so it’s important to go slow to find the fit that works best with your personal bodily arrangements.





    I received mine.  I followed the measurement instructions having an erection.  I found that mine fits perfectly at all times.  I have not had to make any adjustments.  I have even had an erection with it on and it was perfect.


    Stealth Man

    I concur…

    – take your time before deciding that you need a tighter fit.                                                  – cut in small increments and test or risk cutting off too much, in which you will need a replacement tube.

    I also agree that everyone’s anatomical structure and also their personal preferences are different, with some who like the cock-ring effect and others a looser more comfortable fit.

    The measurement for ordering should be taken in the erect condition as this will be the largest size. However, the flaccid size will be the more important fit as the Mag-Volt will be worn most of the time at the flaccid end of the size spectrum.

    I personally noted much more scrotal mass and flaccid hang in the morning, particularly in the first few days of use. For this reason, it is suggested to cut and test the fit out for at least a day before deciding to cut shorter.

    There have been several reports of the silicone tube coming off of the nipple while wearing the device. Once you have determined the ideal fit you can use a small dab of two-part epoxy on the nipple before inserting into the tube for a permanent bond. If you use too much epoxy it will collect and drip as the tube slides over the nipple and need to be cleaned up. You can also use instant super glue however, it is a hard crystalline structure that is not ideal for use with the flexible silicone tube.



    Christian Taylor

    Mine arrived and it’s too snug. I try to put it on and the tubing pops of the ‘nipple’ shaped connector.  Is there a way to stretch the tubing?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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