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    So first I believe I have what’s called a hidden penis where the shaft inverts back into my body.  I know losing weight may help shrink the fat down revealing more of the shaft. I bought the smallest innerwear size just to help it from turtling back in and to know what it feels like having a “normal” penis. For a few seconds it actually works before I move and it rolls back in. I was wondering if I got the new strapless innerwear if that may help since I do have retracting balls


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    Yes, before I finished reading the rest of your message I was already thinking of the strapless. This is typical for hidden penis with fat pad as the base band is unable to maintain a secure grip around the genital mass. Certainly in these cases, the strapless version is more suitable as the sleeve will not be pushed off the shaft as it is like a layer of skin around the shaft which will stay in place . You can contact me at the support email [email protected] for more details on the size you require and the discounted invoice as a resize.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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