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    hey guys, new to the stealth Innerwear and corkscrew. I’ve done phallosan and some hanging with good success but I’m getting lazy and figured this would be a better route to go since with phallosan you can still se a weird “bubble” in your trousers. Haha


    here’s my issue. I’ll do 200 jelqs in the AM then put on the stealth and cork screw for the rest of the day. After about 20 minutes it seems as if I’m not getting any blood flow and of course I shrivel up a bit and my head starts to get tiny and purple colored. Then of course the corkscrew will keep slipping off. (I sewed a little loop at the end to put the corkscrew in to secure it from slipping.. works great) but my head is still shriveled cold and purple.. that can’t be good. This happen to anyone else? Any suggestions? Has anyone banded the base of their wang to keep engorged or is that asking for disaster and necrotic tissue? An help GREATLY appreciated! Thanks!


    Christian Taylor

    Sounds like a lack of blood flow.

    I’m not familiar with phallus an.  Can you tell me about it. Along with a full PE workout, the guys at Penis Professor only recommend up to 50 or so jelques ever other day (as part of your every other day routine).

    As far as wearing the corkscrew all day, I personally don’t wear it that long. I’m sure it’s ok, just not my preference.

    The discolouration and shrinkage sounds like you are putting Mr. BIG through way too much. Remember  your donzilla is an organ composed of soft tissue, blood vessels, ligaments and nerve ending. PE has worked for me, but I’m careful to take care of my penis and sack.


    With 200 jelques, did you start at a lower number? I’ve been jelqing for over a year.

    To make a short story long, maybe give yourself  a little break and  recovery time, just like any other workout.


    Stealth Man

    Can you tell me what size you are wearing?



    Purple is not good as a indicator of our penis’-health.
    Stealth Man- Keymaster and the Customer Service Team sure did help me get re-measured and a better fit. They will assist you in getting the Inner-Wear that best fits you.
    The Stealth For Men team suggested mixing up the use of the Lycra sheaths and layering them to arrive at the right constriction where blood flow and peeing are comfortable.

    I also experimented with folding the thin sleeves and the Premium Sleeves upon themselves to sometimes form an additional “ring” that combines for the perfect snuggness around my shaft and to prevent any retraction of the glans into the InnerWear sheath. I also noticed too tight an constriction a few times and simply had to remove everything and adjust the whole system after work when more time at home allowed for the careful attention.

    The Premium Sleeves are worth the cost and add another option for creating the best fit.

    Perhaps you have noticed that the perfect fit does not always occur by using the same arrangement of InnerWear, Bands, and Premium Sleeves and Thin sleeves.

    I try my best to work in harmony with the rubber bands and sleeves to keep the penis head (glans) outside the silicone ring of the InnerWear.

    … and have lots of sensual fun while creating new sensations.


    Stealth Man

    Great post Stephen!

    Yes, you can get creative folding the spandex sleeves to create a cock ring effect. I also like to form a 1/2″ thick band at the base with 2 or 3 layers at the base of the shaft or sometime behind the glans with wider folds of an inch or more to sculpt a torpedo shapes shaft. This technique can also substitute for the Retainer Band or build a larger diameter for a tighter fitting Retainer Band if preferred.

    You can also fold the sleeves in such a way as to make a foreskin to effectively reduce keratinization (basically a callousing process) of the glans that occurs with exposure to friction. This can help regain sensitivity for cut guys or reduce sensitivity for uncut guys if the exposed glans is too much when wearing Stealth the first few times.




    I’ve found that my penis loses blood flow too when I use the corkscrew. I can’t find the right balance of loose enough to not constrict blood flow but tight enough to stay on. Any tips?



    The Corkscrew and the regimen of using it is very pleasant and interesting. Adjusting the snugness was a learned skill to prevent purpling from blood flow hindrance or the device falling from my body.

    In a conversation with Christian, he wisely suggested I temper my regimen by reducing the vigorous activity when wearing the Corkscrew. I did. He was right 🙂

    Since my new regimen includes wearing the Corkscrew for a couple hours a day on weekends and evenings, I needed a way enjoy the stretch and simultaneously to reduce the weightiness and the tendency for the Corkscrew to slip off my InnerWear-clad penis.

    When “saddled into” the InnerWear and the Corkscrew, I looped a long bootlace over one of the Corkscrew rings closest to my pubic bone. The bootlace was looped with half the lace able to reach around my right side and the other half stretching around the left of my waist to meet in my mid-back. Upon one of the laces I had affixed a lace-lock or paracord lock to lock the laces in a snug  fit around my waist.

    The Corkscrew was in perfect place and NOT TOO tightly pressed to cause blood obstruction — AND — held up slightly by the laces around my waist so gravity and the Corkscrew did not conspire to tumble to the ground.

    Does any of that make sense?

    You might like to Pre-loop the laces around the Corkscrew’s final curve and  pre-thread the laces into the lock and step-into the waist-sized circle of the laces and then affix the Corkscrew and snug in the laces.

    Laces Lock


    Stealth Man

    If you are finding the full size Corkscrew difficult to manage I would experiment with removing coils for less bulk and weight. You can also experiment with tightening the coils along the entire shaft to help distribute the weight rather than focus it on a few coils behind the glans.

    Interesting waist cord with lock system for added support… I love to see these creative adaptations to suit personal preferences!

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