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    I had only put the corkscrew on once before for a very brief time and thought I’d work up to it. After wearing the innerwear for a while I thought I’d try the corkscrew. It may be a bit long for me, I’ve been told how to shorten it, but I got it on me, my head popping out the end and when I stood up and let it hang the weight felt wonderful, like nothing I’d ever experienced before. My partner was checking out with a big WOW I started making it swing in a circle then back and forth, it so much fun and cool to see but it is heavy so I was walking to the bedroom to take it off but as I was going down the hall I felt tingle we all know so well and had to rush into the bathroom and just as I grabbed a towel I shot a huge  load into it, I couldn’t believe it but yet it had happened and then as I was taking it off I was still cumming and at 64 years old I hadn’t experienced such a big load in years. I haven’t had it on again yet but hope it happens again. Anyone else have something like this happen to them?


    Stealth Man

    Hey… that is a really explosive story!! I never heard of it… but, at 64 that is just fantastic man!

    I also find it arousing as I think most do. The sensation of that much weight swinging between the legs has a very powerful effect on the male psyche no doubt.

    I get plenty of pre-cum sporting a semi while feeling aroused just walking around with the Innerwear under the pants… specially during the first few years out in public.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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