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    Keratinization : this is what happens to an exposed glans over time. In the US and other places where circumcision is common, most men don’t know this has happened and it seems normal. As a man who got to keep his foreskin and has also seem a lot of cocks up close and personal, I can say with confidence that it is normal, but also reversible. A glans kept inside foreskin is more sensitive than one without a foreskin. As we get older, the skin of the glans thickens, reducing sensitivity and contributing to ED in some cases by reducing the sensations that lead to a good hard cock.
    My story here is that I suffer from whatever the opposite is of premature ejaculation. It takes FOREVER for me to cum, with or without a partner, under any circumstances. Ever fucked for an hour without coming? Worst. Blueballs. Ever. So, I went looks for “how to increase sensitivity” and learned about all this stuff.

    One solution that should work for everyone, foreskin or not, is topical application of Vitamin E, A, & D oils to the glans. Good ol’ A & D ointment from the first aid kit handles those two vitamins. Vit E oil can be bought from a good sized drug store, often in skincare but sometimes with the bandages and such.

    Personally, I alternate between the two, using one or the other every day. A small drop, rubbed in well, and left there. Easily done. You’ll notice some dead skin sloughing at first, which is kinda the point. After 2-3 weeks you should see a remarkable improvement in everything about your glans.

    And, yeah, sure, feel free to use it on the rest of yer junk and any small wounds (I have a cat) that come up to reduce scarring and speed up healing.

    Hope this helps. This is the kind of sexual self care that Dads need to be teaching their sons, along with avoiding STDs and not getting girls pregnant. So, talk about it.


    Stealth Man

    I laughed out loud over this line…

    “feel free to use it on the rest of yer junk and any small wounds (I have a cat)”

    I kind of blended the sentence to read as though you were getting small wounds as a result of having a small cat that played with your genitals… too funny.

    Agree with everything in your post… and thanks for all the in depth details.

    In fact, you can set up the spandex sleeves to cover the glans for protection from keratinization. This is not an uncommon concern from customers who are uncircumcised and feel too much sensation from the exposed glans. Particularly when rubbing against the underwear while moving around.

    Here is a pic of the set-up that can be used for this purpose…



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